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Cloud Connect – Telephone System Configuration


Cloud Connect Server is the component of Tenfold Cloud Connect which is responsible for receiving events from your PBX.

To view configure Cloud Connect Server for your PBX navigate to Equipment > Telephone system tab in Cloud Connect Server Configuration.


The status should always say Connected. If you see Disconnected, try restarting the services and check the log messages to see if there are errors.

You can clear the log messages by double-clicking in the box with log messages.

Trunk Access

Trunk access is the number that you may dial in order to reach an outside line and is important for enabling click-to-dial.

Auto Create

When Auto Create is enabled, Tenfold will attempt to download the extension directory and auto create extensions for you.  This is described in greater detail in the article titled Cloud Connect – Monitoring Extensions

List of Tenfold Windows Services

– Cloud Connect Client
– Cloud Connect Monitor
– Cloud Connect Server Http Server
– Cloud Connect Server Service
– Cloud Connect Telephony (you may have more than one of this service)
– TenfoldBridge Service

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