Find the Equipment –> Telephone system panel in GoConnect.



The status should always say “Connected”. If you see Disconnected, try restarting the services and check the log messages to see if there are errors.

You can clear the log messages by double-clicking in the box with log messages.

Trunk Access

The “Trunk access” code is the # that you must dial in order to reach an outside line and is important for enabling click-to-dial.


You can restart GoConnect services by clicking “Stop” and then “Start” again to see what errors come up. If you are unable to click “Start” after clicking stop because the button is still labeled as “Stop”, try restarting the following services in the order presented in the Windows Services panel:

– Go Telephony
– GoConnect Server
– CallinizeBridgeService

If you are still unable to get a Connected status, click on “view notes” and make sure that you have met all of the requirements listed. You may need to contact your PBX admin to help determine what needs to go into the various fields shown.

If still stuck, please email us (support@callinize) a snapshot of the entire configuration window.

Known Issues

Unknown Status:

PBX Specific Settings


– If the system spans multiple sites, directory download is not available.NEC– The CTI port must be configured to be 8181. Only one machine can connect at a time, this is a requirement.
Avaya– Extensions will have to be added manually in GoConnect.
– TSAPI user must have CT enabled
– user must be an “unrestricted TSAPI user”Cisco UCM
– If installing on a 64-bit OS, Type should be set to “Generic Tapi” on the Telephone System panel.

– CSTA license is spare
– SNMP enabled
– IP address is for phone system and not eManager machine
– Need superuser communityname
– test: telnet to on port 1102

Bojan Ulemek

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