Cloud Connect enables on-site Enterprise PBXs to communicate with our cloud service. The connector consists of 2 light-weight windows services and a configuration utility.

-Processor: 32-bit: 1.8 Ghz min. 64-bit: Any Intel Xeon, Pentium IV, AMD Athlon 6, and Opteron are suitable.
– 4 GB Memory
– 6 GB free hard drive space
– Network adapter connected to a TCP/IP network (must be on same LAN as PBX or have a working route to the PBX)
– SVGA display, keyboard and mouse (or access to the display via remote desktop)

-OS: Windows Server: 2008 R2, 2012 -or- Windows, 7, 8, 10
– Virtual environments are supported e.g. VMware or Hyper- V
– .net 3.5

– Must have the ability to access the internet
– Static externally facing IP address ( this is not used for inbound routing, only for identification of arriving packets on our end ). Most likely, this will be your WAN IP.

Firewall Ports Required

– TCP: 2000 (SCCP) & 3025, 3026, 80, 443

– HTTP:    *



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