Cloud Connect Server Installation and Administration

Updated: Dec 27th, 2019

Overview: This article describes how to install/administer the Cloud Connect Server (CCS) and integrate it with an on premise phone system.



CCS license – Call (415.599.1170) or email ( for more information.

Windows Operating System (Virtual Environments are supported):

– Windows Server 2016 with Desktop Experience (Cisco UCM prior to 11.5 not supported on Windows Server 2016)

– Windows Server 2012 R2

– Windows Server 2012

– Windows Server 2008 R2

– Windows 10

– Windows 8.1

Modern 4 core processor

.net 3.5 must be installed

.net 4.5/4.6 must be installed

8 GB Memory

30 GB Free Disk Space

Network card (wired)

Must have access to the Internet

Static externally facing IP address. Most likely, this will be your WAN IP. (If a dynamic IP address is used, please contact the Tenfold Account Management team for assistance when configuring the Tenfold Dashboard)

Firewall/Network Whitelist: Required Domains/IP Address/Ports



  1. Ensure the server that the CCS is being installed on meets the requirements above
  2. Create a Tenfold folder at C:\Tenfold and and download the three installers listed below
  3. Log in to the Tenfold Dashboard on a Administrator account.
  4. Select Company Settings
  5. Note the “Organization ID“. This will be needed during the installation of the Cloud Connect Client
  6. Follow the steps below for installing the Cloud Connect Server, Cloud Connect Client, Tenfold Bridge and configuring the Tenfold Dashboard.

Cloud Connect installers:

Cloud Connect Server    (Version 3.1)

Cloud Connect Client

Tenfold Bridge (TCP Bridge)


Installing Cloud Connect Server

  1. Launch the Cloud Connect Server installer from C:\Tenfold and follow the prompts
  2. Select Installation Wizard
  3. Enter in the Licensing information provided by the Tenfold Account Management team
  4. After entering in the Serial Number press Register Online(A pop up will show when the registration is complete. It may take a minute or so to complete)
  5. Click Next
  6. Enter in Site Name, Country and Area Code
  7. Click Next
  8. Select the Type of phone system from the drop down menu
  9. Fill out appropriate information for the phone system selected(Uncheck Auto Create if you do not want CCS to automatically import extensions from the phone system)
  10. Click Save and then click Next (If Auto Create was checked imported extension will start populating)
  11. Click Add to manually add extensions
  12. Click Close after all desired extensions are added.
  13. The CCS will close. Relaunch CCS. (It will be listed as Cloud Connect Server Configuration in the Windows’ menus)
  14. Press Classic Menu (Any further administration of the CCS will be done from this screen)


Installing Cloud Connect Client

  1.  Right click on the Cloud Connect Client installer in the C:\Tenfold and select Run as Administrator
    1. NOTE: The Cloud Connect Client will display a Java error is not launched with the Run as Administrator option
  2. When prompted enter in the Organization ID gathered from the Pre-installation steps and press Save
  3.  Right click on the newly created Cloud Connect Client short cut on the desktop
  4. Select Properties and then Compatibility
  5. Check Run this program as an administrator and press OK

If you need to access the Cloud Connect Client Organization ID windows again, right click the tray icon for the Cloud Connect Client and select “Settings”.


Installing  Tenfold Bridge

  1. Extract(UnZip) the TenfoldBridge folder in the C:\Tenfold folder
  2. Open the TenfoldBridge folder and open the tenfold-tcp-bridge folder
  3. Right click on install_services and select Run as Administrator
  4. Follow the prompts
  5. There is no configuration needed. Once installation is complete the Tenfold Bridge will show that it is running in Windows Services.


Configuring Tenfold Dashboard For CCS

  1. Log in to the Tenfold Dashboard on a Administrator account.
  2. Select Features
  3. Click on Cloud Connect from the features list
  4. Click on the red Disabled button to switch it to Enabled
  5. Click on Cloud Connect Monitor from the features list
  6. Click on the red Disabled button to switch it to Enabled
  7. Select Company Settings
  8. Click on Phone System
  9. Select the appropriate phone system from the drop down.
  10. In the Remote address field enter in the public IP address for the server that the CCS is installed on and press Save.(The bar should change to green and show Connected if the CCS is successfully connected to the Tenfold Cloud)


For any questions or assistance visit Cloud Connect Troubleshooting page or contact us here.

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