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Cloud Connect Client – Install

These instructions connect an on-premise PBX with our cloud service.

Call (415.599.1170) or open a case with our Support Team for more information.

Install Prep

  1. Configure a server that meets these Cloud Connect – Server Requirements.
  2. Make sure you have met all PBX specific requirements
  3. Download the latest Cloud Connect Client (you must be logged in Tenfold Dashboard to view it)

Install Steps

  1. Execute the downloaded file as administrator (Right click it and select “Run as administrator”).
  2. After installing it, the application will start automatically. It may request Administrator privileges to do it. If any error occurs after the install, close the error message and right click the Cloud Connect Client icon in Desktop and select “Run as administrator”.
  3. When the application is running, you will find an icon at the Windows tray area:

    Cloud Connect Client tray icon

  4. When running it for the first time, the configuration window will open automatically. To open it again later, right click the tray icon and select “Settings”.

    Cloud Connect Client right click menu

  5. In the Settings window, provide your Tenfold credentials, the same that you use to login into Tenfold Dashboard.

    Cloud Connect Client login page

  6. After a successful login, you will see the following screen. Click on “Save” and the application will apply the settings and the window will be closed.

    Cloud Connect Client confirmation page

  7. Finally, one last action is required to avoid any permission issues in the future. Right click the icon on the Desktop and go to “Properties”. After that, open the tab “Compatibility” and check “Run this program as administrator”. Click on “Apply” then “Save” to close it.

    Setting Cloud Connect Client to run as administrator

  8. Important note: in order to Tenfold services work properly, this application doesn’t need to be running because we install Windows services in the background. However, keeping the application running (with the icon on tray area), will guarantee that it’s always updated since it automatically updates itself.



  • If you are seeing a Javascript error upon initially installing Cloud Connect, you will need to right click the Cloud Connect icon in your system tray and log into it.  If the icon is not in the System tray, the installation was possibly was not ran as administrator.

If you have any trouble, see: Cloud Connect Troubleshooting or call us at 415.599.1170.

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