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Cloud Connect – Administration

This article pertains to the Tenfold Cloud Connect Integration.

The GoConnect Service and configuration application along with the Callinize Bridge service form the Callinize Cloud Connector. Each of these services must be running and the connection to your PBX configured properly in order to capture user calls in the CRM and the Chrome extension.

PBX Connection

The following items can be managed by anyone with access to the Cloud Connect server. We require access to the server in order to troubleshoot any items in this list.

  1. 1. If you haven’t already, use this guide to install the Cloud Connect service.
    2. Cloud Connect Licensing
    3. PBX Connection
    4. Monitored Extensions
    5. Call Activity
    6. The CallinizeBridge
    7. Click-to-Dial Settings

User Connections

Follow the steps in this Dashboard Admin Guide to map extensions and CRM users to Tenfold users and to enable click-to-dial, call logging and the call Floating UI for these users.


Cloud Connect Checklist

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