Click To Dial Checklist

Click to Dial Checklist

Updated: 5/2/2018

Overview: This article provides a step by step walkthrough to isolate and resolve basic issues with Tenfold click to dial functionality.


Enabling Click to Dial

To get started, first ensure that click to dial is properly enabled via the Chrome Extension.

  1. Ensure you have installed the Chrome Extension.
  2. Enable click to dial functionality by clicking on the Chrome Extension > Settings > Switch Click to Dial to ON.
  3. If click to dial was functional and is now inoperable, try toggling the ON switch to OFF and back ON.

Test Your Click to Dial

Click to dial this number and note the results:


This number is just a pre-recorded message that we use to test click to dial so feel free to answer and ensure the call is completing as expected.

If you cannot complete a standard click to dial, highlight the phone number and right click on it to see if the Contextual Click to Dial option is available (as pictured below). If it is available, select the “Enable Click to Dial on This Website” option and see if the number is now hyperlinked.

Enabled CTD

Before you proceed: 


Standard and Contextual Click to Dial is Failing

At this point, it is a good idea to determine who is affected.

  • If your entire organization is unable to click to dial, there may be an issue with your phone system which requires Admin access to resolve. In these instances, please contact our Support Team.
  • If only you or a small group of users are unable to click to dial, proceed with the next steps in this article.


Check Your Primary Extension

One of the first things to check is that you have the correct extension assigned as the Primary Extension (see the last section). This is required for click to dial to work.

Admins can check any user’s extension in the Users Tab of the Dashboard, while non-admins can check this in their Dashboard Profile. Once you have confirmed your Primary Extension is configured, proceed to the next steps.


Try a Fresh Session

Cookie and cache data in Chrome can sometimes cause unexpected click to dial behavior. To rule this out, complete the steps below in order.

  • Sign out of Tenfold via the Dashboard in the top right.
  • Disable the Chrome Extension.
  • Clear your browser history and restart Chrome.
  • Re-enable the extension and sign back in to Tenfold.

Note: If you are unsure how to complete one of these steps, please refer to our article covering The Chrome Extension for additional guidance.


Check Your Tenfold Version

If Tenfold is not completely up to date, it can prevent click to dial from working as expected. This is a good opportunity to uninstall and reinstall the Chrome Extension to ensure you have the latest version installed, as a reinstall can sometimes resolve unexpected click to dial behavior as well when the previous steps do not.


Check for Conflicting Extensions

Enter chrome://extensions in the Chrome URL bar and uncheck all extensions except Tenfold. Some third party extensions can interfere with click to dial by routing the requests to the wrong place, like an unused softphone, or stop the requests from completing as expected.


Additional Phone System Troubleshooting

Some phone systems require additional steps to be completed by your phone system admin. If your phone system is one listed below, please complete the steps in the relevant article.


Still Having Trouble?

If you still cannot click to dial a phone number, one of the following may apply:

  • The number is an invalid phone number. We use a library provided by Google to verify all numbers to minimize false positives. Manually dial the number to be sure it works.
  • The number is not Blocked HTML. For performance and preventing false positives, we only match numbers in their own HTML tag such as a <span>, <p>, or <div>. Phone numbers in email signatures where the phone number is not on its own line sometimes do not follow this rule.


Please feel free to contact our Support Team. We are happy to investigate further to ensure the issue is resolved.


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