Mouse over this #


(You can click. It’s just a voice recording.)

Now, mouse over any # you wish to click to dial.

If in either case you don’t see ‘Call with Tenfold’ as shown below, go to: making #s clickable.

Otherwise, continue….

1. Login on the dashboard.

You must be logged in to use click-to-dial. How to Login and Logout of Tenfold

2. Test inbound & manually dialed calls.

If you are not seeing a call Floating UI for these calls, switch to the Call Floating UI Checklist.

3. Set a ‘Primary’ click-to-dial extension.

How to set an extension as Primary for Click-to-Dial

4. Phone-specific click-to-dial requirements:

Device-Level Integration: See: How to check local click-to-dial compatibility.
Asterisk Integration: your admin may need to configure a custom context.
Nextiva Integration: See: Nextiva click-to-dial checklist
Tenfold Evaluation Softphone: See: How to set the softphone Org ID

5. Disable other Chrome extensions which may conflict.

Enter chrome://extensions in your URL bar and uncheck all extensions except Tenfold.

6. Check your extension version.

Open the current production version of the extension in the Chrome Webstore. If it says ‘Added to Chrome’ in the top right, you are on the latest version. If not, click ‘Add to Chrome’ and disable the old version.

7. Try a fresh start.

– Sign out of Tenfold.
– Disable the extension.
– Clear your browser history and restart Chrome.
– Re-enable the extension and sign back into the dashboard.

If you are still having trouble, please send us your console logs.

8. Ensure the credentials for the phone system is an admin level login.

-If Tenfold does not have admin level credentials to the phone system portal we will be unable to return phone events or gather extension information.  Please ensure the login information you use is admin-level.

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