IMPORTANT: Desk phone integrations require static IP addresses. Dynamic IP addresses may conflict with analytics and click to dial functionality.


1. Determine phone IP Address.

SPA301: lift the handset and enter ****, enter 110 and press #, the IP address will be recited.
SPA502G, SPA504G, SPA508G, SPA509G: press the Setup button, scroll to Network and press select, scroll to view current IP address.
SPA501G: press the Setup button, enter 110, then press #, the IP address will be recited.
SPA525G: press the Setup button, select Status, scroll to Network Status, press Select.
ALL OTHER MODELS: Try Settings –> Network -or- Settings –> Network Configuration


2. Login to your phone web admin page as admin or user.

Your webadmin page: http://IP_ADDRESS/admin/advanced

– For WIP310 use: http://IP_ADDRESS/admin
– For Vocalocity, use: http://IP_ADDRESS:2006

Replace IP_ADDRESS with the one you found (e.g.


Default Passwords

By default Cisco allows admin login with no password or with username Admin and no password.

– If the default password doesn’t work, your phone provider changed it. You will need to contact them to get this login information.
– For their support team will enable the web console on request.


On the phone admin section make sure to set it to Admin login(it will say user login at the top)and change the setting to advanced to be able to see all the fields.

3. Configure the phone to communicate with Tenfold.

1. Get your Cisco Event URL from the setup wizard (or your Admin Dashboard Phone Settings).
2. In your phone web admin page, navigate to System tab and find the “Optional Network Configuration” section.
3. Paste the Cisco Event URL in the Debug Server field. (e.g.
4. In the same section, set the Debug Level to 3.


5. Navigate to the SIP tab, in the SIP Parameters section change CTI Enable to “Yes.”


6. Navigate to the Provisioning tab, in the Configuration Profile section change Provision Enable to “No.”


7. Finally, navigate to the Ext 1 tab and in the SIP Settings section set the SIP Debug Option to “full excl. REG.”


4. Press Submit All Changes

5. Make a test phone call to register your phone device (aka extension) with Tenfold.

Make a phone call to an external phone number. This could be your cell phone or the pizza place down the street. Any number will do. You do not have to wait for an answer, but you should let it ring at least once. This will register your newly configured device with Tenfold so that you can assign the device to a Tenfold user (like yourself).

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