Ensure Phone Numbers Can Be Click To Dialed

Ensure Phone Numbers Can Be Click To Dialed

Updated: 9/17/2017

Overview: This article provides an explanation of how to enable and use click to dial inside the Chrome browser.

Enabling Click to Dial

1. Ensure you have installed the Chrome Extension.

2. Enable click to dial functionality clicking on the Chrome Extension > Settings > Switch Click to Dial to ON.

3. Test click to dial functionality by visiting our Click to Dial Test Page

4. If you need to dial international numbers, be sure to update your country code settings. To do this, sign in to your Admin Dashboard and navigate to Company Settings > Phone System > Click to Dial Settings. Click here for additional resources.

Troubleshooting Click to Dial

If you still cannot click to dial a phone number, one of the following may apply:

  • The number is an invalid phone number. We use a library provided by Google to verify all numbers to minimize false positives. Manually dial the number to be sure it works.
  • The number is not Blocked HTML. For performance and preventing false positives, we only match numbers in their own HTML tag such as a <span>, <p>, or <div>. Phone numbers in email signatures where the phone number is not on its own line sometimes do not follow this rule.

If the number still is not hyperlinked or dialing, try using the click to dial context menu. To do so, highlight the number and Right Click > Tenfold > Click to dial.

If click to dial still is not working, please send us your HTML using the instructions outlined here or contact our Support team.

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