Checklist: Making Phone #s Clickable

Once you have the Chrome extension installed, valid phone #s on every web page will be clickable! If you find that some are not, use this checklist to troubleshoot.

1. Is the Chrome Extension installed? Get it here!


2. Is click-to-dial enabled? See: enable/disable click-to-dial

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 4.01.34 PM

3. Are US numbers clickable? Visit: Click To Dial Test Page

4. Is the number a non-US number? update your Country Code settings

5. If the number is still not clickable it may fall into one of these categories:
Invalid Phone Numbers We use a library provided by Google to verify all numbers to minimize false positives. Manually dial the number to be sure it works.
Non Blocked HTML For performance and to avoid false positives we only match numbers in their own html tag such as a <span>, <p>, <div>. Phone #s in email signatures where the phone number isn’t on it’s own line sometimes do not follow this rule.

Use the click-to-dial context menu as a workaround.

If you’d like us to investigate, please send us your html.

Bojan Ulemek

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