Cannot Connect Asterisk-based Phone System

Error: Failed to connect to phone system

There are two common reasons that an Asterisk connection fails:
– We cannot reach the AMI on the port listed for the host specified.
– We can reach the AMI, but are not permitted to login with the username and secret provided.

Possible Reasons we cannot reach your PBX AMI

Your hostname or IP address is not entered correctly.
– Your have a hardware or software firewall rule blocking traffic between our server and the port on your PBX. Be sure to enable inbound traffic to port 5038 on your Asterisk server from the IP addresses listed on your phone setup page.
– The AMI service runs on port 5038 by default. If your system is using a non-standard port, be sure to enter this under Advanced Options.


Tips for Troubleshooting

If you are still having trouble: try adding an additional host to this list that is outside of your local network and connect to your PBX from that host withtelnet yourPBXIPAddressOrHostname 5038If this works, contact us. The issue may be on our end. If this does not work, you likely still have a firewall or network issue and our servers will not be able to connect either.To see whether our server is reaching the AMI on your PBX, you can capture traffic using this command and use Wireshark to analyze the data.

tcpdump -i eth0 -nqtttt -s 0 -A ‘((src port 5038) or (dst port 5038))’

Login Permission not Granted

The instructions on your phone setup page indicate what permissions should be set for the user to be able to login via the AMI on your PBX.It could be that your username or secret are incorrect. After updating your PBX config file with the proper username, secret and permit lines you must reread the config files.

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