Dynamic Number Insertion Shows the Right Phone Number to Every Visitor

Tenfold adds call tracking on your website by creating a unique session per user or source. The tracking number is displayed wherever a phone number is displayed to your website visitors. You can then track the sources of those visitors. Start to understand the path your visitors took to get to your website.

Each time your visitors return they will see the same dynamic number. This makes sure there is no confusion. Your brand will stay consistent.

How it Works:

1. Login to Tenfold, copy the snippet of javascript code, and install it on your website.

2. Go to the Call Tracking feature inside of the Tenfold Dashboard and insert the phone numbers you have provisioned in your PBX system to the list.

3. When a visitor lands on your website. Tenfold detects their IP address and/or cookie session. Tenfold swaps the default phone number you have on your website with a random phone number from the list in step 2 automatically. So you can track your users path.


How do visitors see the same tracking phone number if they come back later?

Tenfold places a cookie on their browser to recognize them when they return and to continue to show them the same dynamic phone phone number.

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