Call Timer Keeps Counting

Call Timer Keeps Counting

Updated: 10/16/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough for steps you can take to address a running call timer.


Interpreting Phone Events

Tenfold generates call information based on the events we receive from your phone system provider. A healthy call typically consists of a Ringing, Connected, and Hangup event. If the provider does not send all three events, however, it can result in unexpected behavior like the call timer counting indefinitely despite the fact that the call has ended. While these scenarios are rare, there are steps you can take to correct it should this happen to you.

The clip below demonstrates how you can use the stop button in the Floating UI to manually stop the timer.

Note: This feature is only intended for this specific case where the hang up event is not received. If this is happening frequently, we encourage you to contact our Support Team so that we can investigate the root cause and ensure the platform is working nominally.


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