Call and Record Dispositions

Setting Lead Status and Other Values

This is a premium feature. See the pricing page for details.

Dispositions let you track key attributes for every call. Sometimes, this will be a sales pipeline stage or lead status such as “qualified” or “hot”. Other times it may be a call purpose or outcome such as “support call” and “left voicemail”.

Any picklist field on a call or matched object record can be shown in the dispositions list. For example, you might see “Call Purpose” and “Contact Communication Preference” on the same list for a matched record of type “Contact”.


If dispositions are already part of your paid pricing plan, you can add items to your tag list from the dashboard features page.

For instructions on adding a custom picklist field in Salesforce, see this article: Adding custom picklists.

Once you have selected the Module you would like to use, just check the boxes next to the picklists you want to see on the Floating UI and click Save! You will need to reload your webpage to see the changes in your Floating UI.


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