Asterisk Click-To-Dial Custom Context


Click to dial works, it makes an outbound call. But, there is no audio recording created. When I make calls by manually, there is a recording.


This is the result of the Click To Dial “Context” that we send on to the provider.

First, try setting the Context to: “`Local/###@from-internal“` this usually fixes it. If it doesn’t, we’ll need some additional info from your provider as they aren’t using one of the typical default “Context’s”

Here’s a sample email to forward on.

Example Email To Send Your Provider


I’m using a CTI service called Tenfold to log calls to my CRM + provide click to dial. Our issue is for calls that are originated via click to dial, we do not get a audio call recording. I spoke with the dev team over there and they said this is because of the “Context” setting.

They asked me to ask you “What is the proper Context we should be using?”

We tried using typical defaults for Asterisk configurations.
“`SIP/114“` and “`Local/114@from-internal“`

Both successfully made an outbound call but, neither recorded the calls in the backend.

The calls are originated using the Asterisk Management Interface API’s “Originate” command. Technical details are here:

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