Asterisk Binary Connector

Last updated: 2-20-2017

Note: You will need root access to the server that is hosting the Asterisk system. The Host IP and AMI credentials should be available at Company Settings > Phone System. It will be listed in the host. The commands will be listed in this article but some familiarity with a command line is recommended.  


The Tenfold Asterisk Binary Connector adds a redundant event stream from your Asterisk server to Tenfold Servers. This article will cover installation.

Automatic Installation (recommended)

From the command line, run the install script by:

curl | sh

The install script will automatically perform the “manual” setup steps below. Should the script fail at any point refer to those instructions to recover.

Open /etc/tenfold.toml with a text editor (nano or vim). Update the organization with your organization ID and Asterisk AMI username and secret. Make sure all values are given with quotes.


If your organization ID is 579a691ddbb6fdf00bcab682

organization = "579a691ddbb6fdf00bcab682"
username = "your_ami_username"
secret = "your_ami_password"
port = "5038"
host = ""


service tenfold start

This should start the Tenfold daemon as a service. Tenfold should automatically start if the server is rebooted.

Manually Install as a Service (advanced)

Download and unzip the appropriate package for your system architecture:
Linux i386
Linux amd64

First, move/copy the files:

  1. Copy Tenfold binary to bin folder:
    cp ./asterisk-go-binary_linux_386 /usr/sbin/tenfold
  2. Copy the Tenfold init.d script. This is used by linux when running service:
    cp ./ /etc/init.d/tenfold
  3. Copy tenfold configuration file. This file must be configured for the application to run (see instructions above).
    cp ./tenfold.toml /etc/tenfold.toml
  4. Set permissions for each of the files
    chown root /usr/sbin/tenfold
    chown root /etc/tenfold.toml
    chmod 777 /etc/init.d/tenfold

At this point the application is runnable (assuming tenfold.toml is set correctly). The next steps involve configuring Linux to run the Tenfold binary as a service in the background. This is how the Asterisk software itself runs.

Asterisk PBXs typically have chkconfig installed to run services. If this is installed perform the following:

  1. Add to chkconfig:
    chkconfig --add tenfold
  2. Verify is has been added by:
    chkconfig --list tenfold
  3. Tell chkconfig to run the Tenfold binary on boot by:
    chkconfig tenfold on

Alternatively, if you are using a newer version of Linux you may use systemd
update-rc.d tenfold enable

Configure your /etc/tenfold.toml. Then you may start the binary by running the following:
service tenfold start

If it is already running and you make a change to the binary or config file you may restart by running:
service tenfold restart

To stop the service run
service tenfold stop

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