Analytics Overview

Analytics Overview

Updated: 9/06/2017
Overview: This article provides a quick overview of the Tenfold Analytics. Admins should also see our Analytics Configurations resource.



Tap into the natural competitive nature of your team with the power of gamification by quickly displaying the users who are leading the pack. Leaderboard categories include:

  1. Good Sumaritan: Most call notes within a given time range
  2. Overclocker: Longest amount of time spent on the line
  3. Quality Connector: Most quality connects (see our Analytics Configurations guide for additional details)
  4. Dr. Dependable: Most inbound calls within a given time range


Calls Graph:

The Calls Graph can be used to display several arrays of information. The two primary graphs include “Number of calls” and “Talk time” with multiple views for each, as shown below.



User Table Overview:

The User Table displays detailed statistics for Inbound and Outbound calls for each member of a Team or the entire Company. Clicking ‘Export’ emails you the table in a .CSV format, which you can open in any spreadsheet application.


User Table Statistics:

Calls: The total number of calls associated to this Tenfold user. These are broken down into Inbound and Outbound calls. If the users are part of a Call Queue, this total may include these calls even if this user does not answer the phone. This varies depending on your organization’s phone system.

Time: The total amount of time spent on calls.

Avg Time: The average amount of time spent on a call.

Notes: Total number of calls where the Tenfold user entered notes using the Floating UI.

CRM %: A CRM match occurs when the call’s phone number exists in the CRM at the time the call is made or received. If the record is added while on the call, this does not count as a CRM match. However, any subsequent calls to or from this phone number would be counted.

Target: Enables you to set a Target call number and Target talk time and quickly see how users are measuring against that Target.

Long Calls: Any call that lasts more than 10 minutes.

Connect %: The percentage of calls resulting in a Connected Event. If it is an Outbound call and duration is greater than 1.5 minutes, this is considered a Connected Event. You can modify the threshold for a “Connect” in the Admin Dashboard.


Detailed Member Call History:

When you click on a member’s name you can see the calls statistics and an in-depth Call History.



Stats are further broken down into interactive graphs. Each one can be hovered over to quickly view an array of information.



Still have questions about Analytics? Feel free to reach out to our Support Team. We are happy to help!

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