Experiencing strange call behavior?

Does it seem like your calls are prematurely hanging up?

Do you experience issues transferring calls?

If you experience a problem with how Tenfold handles calls, it may be due to how your phone system posts events. Don’t worry!! If you can reproduce the behavior, we can adjust for it. Ask your Tenfold admin to send us a call sequence following the steps below.

Function: Collecting a Call Sequence will be beneficial if you are reporting light call flow, premature hangups, and collecting raw data points with call recording 

Open the Call Sequence page (only the admin can do this).

1. Access your Admin Tenfold Dashboard: https://dashboards.tenfold.com/callsequence/

2. OR Sign in to your Admin Tenfold Dashboard and click the “Troubleshooting” tab. 

3.Click the Blue “Go to Call Sequence Diagnostics Tool”

4. To keep everything organized, go ahead and title your call sequence and give a brief description of the issue you are trying to reproduce.

5. IMPORTANT: Make sure you notate the phone number and extension of the person you are calling. It’s vital to include the phone number and extension any time you preform a call sequence as it helps to isolate the user experiencing issues.

6.Click “Start Logging”

7.Once you have captured the call sequence, make sure you click stop.

8. At this point, you have collected a call sequence. Go ahead and click on the sequence most recently captured.

9. Great Job! You have successfully collected a call sequence! Now kindly copy the URL and send it to your support agent.      

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