Export “All Calls” Analytics Report

Export “All Calls” Analytics Report

Updated: 7/24/2017

Overview: This article provides a quick walkthrough for exporting the complete, itemized call report from Analytics.


Configuring and Exporting the Report

  1. Navigate to the Tenfold Dashboard > Analytics page.
  2. Select the desired date range for the report, and then click the “Reports” button.
  3. Select “All Calls” in the dropdown menu.
    Note: There should be a timer icon indicating the report is loading.
  4. The timer icon will change into a checkmark when the report is complete. This is sent to the email you are using with Tenfold.


You should see an email from “Team” titled “[Tenfold All Calls report]”. This will have a spreadsheet attached that has all calls made by your organization within the designated date range. You can open this report with any compatible spreadsheet application.

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