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Configuring Tenfold to use Google as an identity provider

Configuring Tenfold to use Google as an identity provider

Updated: 04/30/2019

Overview: This article provides a walkthrough for configuration Google as an identity provider for Tenfold.

Configuration Instructions

1. In Google Admin console navigate to SAML Apps


2. Select “SAML apps” option


3. Select “Setup my own custom app”



4. Use option 2 to download the IDP metadata to your desktop.



5. Set the Application Name to Tenfold and select Next.


6. Enter the ACS URL and Entity ID. Select Next then Finish to create the SAML App in Google.


Entity ID:


7. Select the newly created SAML app “Tenfold” and select Edit Service. Toggle the service “On for everyone” and click Save. Google configuration is complete!



8. In Tenfold dashboard, navigate to the SSO feature configuration page.  Set the domain to the value which you want your users to enter when logging in to Tenfold (E.g. Acme ,, acme-org ) and upload the metadata XML file which was generated in step #4. Click save at the bottom of the page.



9. You are ready to use Google to authenticate to Tenfold. The below gif demonstrates the login flow using Google using multi-factor authentication.


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