How to Configure the Search Box in Tenfold UI

How to Configure the Search Box in Tenfold UI

Updated: 06/30/2019

Overview: This article describes how to configure the search input of the Tenfold UI.

Often times agents have a need to search for Contacts, Accounts, Leads, etc. using non-standard CTI fields. For example, an email address or an account number. This article describes how to configure these additional search fields.


Requires Tenfold UI 4.13.0 or later. If using a version prior to 4.13.0 the Search Box may stop functioning with this feature enabled.

Works with Salesforce only.

The following fields types are not supported:

  • Checkbox
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Time
  • Date/Time
  • Number
  • Percent
  • Multi-picklist

If the search result is an entity (e.g. Contact, Account, Lead) Tenfold will display the selection in the Tenfold UI (See the section titled Searching in the Tenfold UI below).

If the search result is a resource (e.g. Opportunity, Case) Tenfold will open the browser and display the record which was selected in Tenfold.

Configuring Search Fields

1. As a Tenfold Admin, navigate to Tenfold Dashboard > Features > Custom Search. Toggle the feature to Enabled status.

2. Select the blue Go to Custom Search Setup button.

3. Select the + Create New Setup button.

4. Name your search set up by clicking the setup title “Setup 1” and typing in a new name. Optionally, add a description.

5. Select the team(s) which the search setup applies to. (Create and Manage teams)

6. Under the fields section, select the object and field you would like to search against.

7. Select Save.

Searching in the Tenfold UI

1. To the right of the search view, confirm which search fields you have enabled in Tenfold UI.

2. Enter a search term.

3. Select a result.

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