If you are unable to locate the extension that you are trying to add, there could be a few reasons for this.  We’ll explore this here.


  1. You might have called from an internal line-Please ensure you are calling from an external line, or call an outside line.
  2. You called from an external line but did not register a connected and hangup event-You need to ensure the call generates 3 statuses, a ringing, connected, and hangup event.  A best practice is to allow the phone to ring 3 times, answer the phone, speak for 30 seconds, then hangup.  Then verify if the extension is showing up after refreshing the Users page.
  3. The extension might not be the correct extension written.  Verify with your phone system admin and have them log into the admin portal for your phone, call out with the extension to generate a call, and verify that the extension shown in the admin portal reflects what you want to assign.

These are a few steps to test if you are unable to assign an extension.

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