Installing the Tenfold for ServiceNow OpenFrame

Updated: 12/05/2019

Overview: This article provides a walk through for installing Tenfold’s ServiceNow OpenFrame application.

ServiceNow OpenFrame Installation Video

Download Current Releases Here

Note: There are two options on the download page for ServiceNow. One auto-updates and the other is for controlled releases (version controlled).

Installation Instructions

  1. 1. Install the OpenFrame plugin in ServiceNow.
  2. 2. In the Filter Navigator go to “Search ServiceNow Store” and install “Tenfold for ServiceNow”.

  1. 3. In the “Filter Navigator” go to “OpenFrame” under “System Properties”.
  2. 4. The Tenfold for ServiceNow app should have added an OpenFrame configuration titled “Tenfold Embedded UI”. If it’s not there you may create a new one.

  1. 5. Edit the “OpenFrame” configuration.

        1. a. Set the configuration to “Active”.
        2. b. Set the User Groups you would like to have access.
        1. c. Set the desired width and height.
      1. c. Edit the URL and add your CRM instance URL:<< your instance URL >>
  1. 6. Save the configuration.

Whitelist App Origin

  1. It is necessary to whitelist the Tenfold app origin so that the OpenFrame frame can communicate with the top frame.
  2. 1. In the “Filter navigator” type “sys_properties.list” and press enter.
  3. 2. Search for the property “glide.ui.concourse.onmessage_enforce_same_origin_whitelist”.

  1. 3. Edit this property and add “” to the Value.

Tenfold for ServiceNow OpenFrame User Video