Installing the Microsoft Dynamics Embedded UI (CIF)

Installing the Microsoft Dynamics Embedded UI (CIF)

Updated: 08/15/2019

Overview: This article provides a walkthrough for installing Tenfold’s Embedded UI for MS Dynamics via the Channel Integration Framework.

Note: Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework required Dynamics (online) version 9.1 and higher. Supported browsers include Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. More information found here.

Microsoft Dynamics Embedded (CIF) Installation Video


Download Current Releases Here

Installation Instructions


1. Login to Microsoft Dynamics as an administrator

2. Install Channel Integration Framework from the Microsoft Appsource store. Select the dropdown list on Dynamics 365 and select Get More Apps. In the search screen, type Channel Integration Framework. Select Get It Now. In the One more thing window, select Continue. 

3. Configure the Tenfold Embedded UI channel provider settings. Select the drop-down button on the Dynamics 365 and select Channel Integration Framework. Select +New. Use the following options in the Channel Provider Configuration: 


Name: Tenfold Embedded UI

Label: Embedded UI

Channel URL:<<your dynamics instance URL>>


Enable Outbound Communication: Yes

Channel order: 0

API Version: 1.0

Trusted Domain: (leave blank)

Custom Parameters: width=283

Note: The Dynamics instance URL can be sourced from the Tenfold CRM configuration page here. The Custom Parameters section can have any desired width, however, smaller width parameters may skew different image assets or truncate parts of the Tenfold UI. 


4. Select which Unified Interface App the Embedded UI is to be added to.

5. Select the Roles that are going to use/see the Tenfold Embedded UI. Click Save & Close. 

6. Browse to one of the Unified Interface Apps previously selected and note that the Tenfold Embedded UI is now visible in the screen for a user account with the appropriate Role. Sign into your Tenfold user account on the right hand side of the page.


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