Installing the Embedded UI (OpenCTI)

Installing the Embedded UI (OpenCTI)

Updated: 06/24/2019

Overview: This article provides a walkthrough for installing Tenfold’s Embedded UI for Salesforce.

Salesforce Embedded (OpenCTI) Installation Video



Download Current Releases Here

Installation Instructions

1. Install the package using the link provided. Select Install for All Users when installing the UI.

Note: Selecting Install for All Users will NOT make the UI immediately available to all of your Salesforce users. This simply makes it so that you can enable Tenfold for users without encountering permissions issues. You still have 100% control of who can use Tenfold via Call Center configuration in Salesforce Setup.

2. Inside salesforce, click on the Setup link in the top right. In the quick search box, search for Call Centers and select Tenfold Embedded UI.

3. Select Manage Call Center Users. This brings you to a list of users enabled for Tenfold OpenCTI. If this is a fresh install the list may be empty. Select Add More Users to add users to the call center for Tenfold OpenCTI

4. Search for the usernames that should be able to use OpenCTI, select them, and click on Add Users. Your basic call center is now configured! For teams leveraging Salesforce Classic you may stop here.

5. If you are using Salesforce Lightning you must then add OpenCTI as a utility item to each lightning app your agents are using. Start by navigating to App Manager in the setup page.

6. Select the dropdown to the right of the Salesforce Lightning app you would like to update and select edit.

7. Select Utility Items then Add Utility Item.  Add Open CTI Softphone and click save.


Help! The Embedded UI Shows a Blank “White” Page.


If the Tenfold Embedded UI shows a blank white page, you may have “Clickjack Protection” enabled in Salesforce. To disable this, go through the following steps:


1. Inside salesforce, click on the Setup link in the top right. In the quick search box, search for Session Settings. 

2. Select Session Settings. 

3. Under “Clickjack Protection” section, ensure the bottom two boxes are left unchecked. A proper configuration to leverage Tenfold Embedded UI will appear as:



4. Press “Save.”

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