The users tab enables the connection between a CRM user, a phone device and a Callinize user.

Synchronizing (importing) CRM Users:

The first step is to import your CRM users into Callinize. To do this, use the “Synchronize Users” button.



Clicking the synchronize button causes all of your CRM users to be shown in Callinize. A user must have a unique email address and CRM ID to be imported. If import fails, check the user email in your CRM and see if another imported user has the same email.

Linking a CRM user with a phone device/extension:

The users panel is where you connect a registered phone device and CRM user with each Callinize user. To assign a phone device to a Callinize user, either (1) use the big orange Assign button or (2) use the dropdown list shown when you click the plus sign next to the user. You can assign multiple extensions to the same user and the same extension to multiple users.

A registered phone device is any device that has sent phone events to Callinize for a call made to or from an EXTERNAL #. This tells Callinize that the device is configured properly and is engaged in sending or receiving loggable data. If your device does not appear in the list, double-check the configuration and be sure to make a test call to an external #.

Users can assign their device using their profile page, which is where they land after logging into Tenfold. NOTE: Sometimes device names are obscure and may be hard to recognize except by the admin.

Enabling/Inviting Users

To enable call logging and popups for an imported user, click the blue icon with an envelope. Callinize will email the user an invitation to install the Chrome Extension and set a password for Callinize login.

Users can take a tour once the extension is installed and they are logged in.

Only the admin account is enabled for popups by default. Disabling an account does not prevent login and use of the dashboard.

Adding/Removing Callinize Users:

Simply add or remove users from your CRM and press the Synchronize with Callinize button again. If you re-use a CRM ID for another user, you will have to contact us to get the old user updated in our database so that the new user can be added. We keep this information for purposes of displaying historical analytics (connecting the phone extensions with old CRM users).

Enabling/Disabling Callinize Users:

Use the invite button to enable a first-time user. Enable and disable users at any time in the future. Your billing is automatically adjusted based on the amount of time any user is enabled for the month. These adjustments are tracked, totaled and added to your bill for the following month. A user with a red “x” will not receive popups. A user with a green check is considered enabled and will receive popups.


If your phone system supports queues, you can click to inline edit the queues for each of your users. If you do not set the call queue the user will still get a pop-up once they answer the call, however, they will not get a pre-call notification.




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