Analytics Configurations

Analytics Configurations

Updated: 11/16/2017

Overview: This article provides a walkthrough for configuring Analytics Visibility, the Quality Connections threshold, and Agent Targets in Tenfold Analytics for your organization. See our Analytics Overview for more general information.


Analytics Visibility

Tenfold provides in-depth Analytics to gauge the performance of each one of your agents. In some cases, you may want to further customize who can see these stats.

Configuring Analytics Visibility:

  1. Navigate to the Tenfold Dashboard and click on the Company Settings tab
  2. Scroll down to the bottom to find “Analytics Visibility”
  3. Select full visibility for all users or only admins, and click “Save”


Quality Connections in Analytics

There are many instances where an organization may want to know not just how many calls one of their agents has completed, but how many calls of a minimum duration were made as well. Users who spend a longer amount of time with their lead are more likely to be building a meaningful connection with that party.

Tenfold recognizes this important aspect of relationship building, and has used it to build the “Quality Connections” Feature. At the top of your Tenfold Leaderboard, you can quickly view the representative who has made the most quality connections within a given timeframe.

Analytics page


Configuring the Quality Connect Threshold:

Your organization’s Tenfold Admin can set the “Quality Connect” threshold to best suit your needs. This can be changed at the bottom of the Company Settings tab of the Dashboard. The metric is expressed in seconds.

Company settings


Tracking Call Targets in Analytics

Admins and managers are able to better track productivity and set goals for their agents by configuring the Target field in Analytics. This provides a quick view to gauge how well agents are performing against their call goals.

To set a Target value:

  • navigate to Analytics
  • scroll down to the User Table and locate the user you wish to set the Target for
  • click on their Target number, enter the desired value, and click “Save”


Note: Additional settings for Analytics can be found in the Features tab. Here is a document regarding Analytics Feature Settings.

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