About Cloud Connect Integration

What is the Cloud Connect Integration?

This integration is used to connect an on-premise PBX with our cloud services. We have 2 integration methods that can accomplish this. The first is with an in-house server on the client side, which requires additional expertise for installation and server management. The second method is entirely hosted by Tenfold.

In-House On-Premise PBX Integration (option 1)

If you have an on-premise PBX, the Tenfold integration includes a Cloud Connect Server and onsite service. This service connects to your on-premise PBX and forwards phone events on to the Tenfold Cloud Servers for processing.


This setup keeps your on-premise PBX protected from the WAN while allowing our cloud service to capture your phone events. Additional licenses may be required. Contact us for more information: +1.415.599.1170

Tenfold Hosted On-Premise PBX Integration (option 2)

Contact us to find out more about this option.


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