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How to source CRM ID for a Salesforce user & match in Tenfold dashboard

How to confirm a users CRM ID synced in the Tenfold Dashboard matches their current CRM ID in Salesforce 

Updated: 09/25/2019

Overview: This article will provide you with a quick explanation of how to find a CRM ID for Salesforce user.

Steps to be followed:-

1- Login to your Salesforce account.

2- Go to the Search bar at the top in Service Console.


3- Type the user name for which you are trying to source out the CRM ID (Note:  That user should have already been created by the Salesforce admin)

4- Select the specific user for which you are trying to source CRM ID.

5- After selecting the user, focus on the ID in the URL of the salesforce (ie the CRM ID of the user in salesforce)


Compare the CRM ID to the users synced CRM Credentials in Tenfold Dashboard

1- Login as an Admin in Tenfold dashboard.

2- Navigate to the User Tab in dashboard

3- Search the user for which you would like to match the CRM ID in dashboard.

4- After that hover your cursor to Green check mark under CRM User Linked column, it will populate the CRM user linked in Tenfold dashboard.



Frequently there are issues where users suspect call notes/activities are not saving in CRM. There are 2 scenarios which could cause this.

A- If a Salesforce Admin makes an adjustment to a user’s profile (or has to recreate a user account in SalesForce), but they forgot to Synchronize the user in tenfold dashboard.

All we have to do to correct this is source out the CRM ID from Salesforce & compare it to the users CRM Credentials in the Users Tab of the Tenfold Dashboard. If both appear to be different then the Admin will have to simply click on Sync User button in Tenfold dashboard.


B- Whenever Create user in tenfold dashboard doesn’t work then admin simply edit the old existing user (user who had left organization) & save it. In this scenario the CRM ID of that new user will never match from CRM.

If an admin creates a user in the Tenfold Dashboard only by editing the name and email of an existing user; that user will still have the CRM credentials of the original user witch will be incorrect and cause their Tenfold Account to only have CRM access from a user that was potentially removed from the CRM.

In this scenario, the Admin needs to delete that user in the Tenfold Dashboard & click the synchronize user button. This will automatically pull that user from CRM along with an appropriate CRM ID.