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Patrick Hogan Interview With Andy Paul on ‘Accelerate!’

Patrick Hogan Interview With Andy Paul on ‘Accelerate!’

How to Capture and Record Activities to Optimized Productivity

Tenfold’s CEO, Patrick Hogan, recently joined Andy Paul on his podcast “Accelerate!”. The two discussed how Hogan initially came up with the idea for Tenfold, and what problems he’s ultimately helped solve. Make sure to listen here, and to subscribe to “Accelerate!”.


[2:10] In 2014, Patrick noticed a data issue in sales: the lax reporting of phone activities. He, with a group of co-founders, came up with a method to capture all activities: The Revenue Performance Platform, Tenfold.

[3:15] SalesForce could be used to capture all activities, if the reps entered them manually. But that is not what sales reps do. Tenfold now does that for them.

[4:56] The subscription revolution is the realization that the true value of a client is not in the initial sale, but in the continuing long-term relationship.

[5:20] If a client calls in with a complaint, and nobody helps  them, they will churn, and their long-term value is diminished. Tenfold deploys to an entire organization by connecting to their existing phone lines, and entering activity into the CRM.

[8:18] Tenfold has two benefits over other systems: since you use your existing phone system, you keep your great voice quality; and since there is no added hardware, you save costs.

[15:27] Tenfold captures data first, and pushes it to the right CRM spaces, then enables list creation, reminders, and simple sequencing.

[17:11] Patrick explains his emphasis on responsiveness. It is a factor of charisma, as studies show. Don’t be slow to respond. When a lead comes in, if no one follows it up in five minutes, it goes out as an email to reps and executives, as a danger flag.

[24:19] Contextual questions and responsiveness, distinguish top salespeople. Habits and behaviors are the keys to success. Get your prospect to the aha moment first. Take them off the market, by eliminating their incentive to talk to others.”


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