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FREE WHITE PAPER: How Salesforce is Changing in 2017

Read on how Salesforce is going to be changing in 2017

The popular CRM tool is already a venerable solution for helping businesses navigate customer journeys and bring in revenue, the smart way. But it’s only the beginning. In 2016, Salesforce acquired nine companies. The new assets will help Salesforce augment and push growth by adding layers of its core offering. The acquisitions now account for roughly $4 billion in investments. Here’s how Salesforce is likely to position itself in 2017 and beyond:

In this ebook, we explore how Salesforce will be changing in 2017

  • Artificial Intelligence, Data Management, & Machine Learning
  • How Salesforce Helps With Customer Journeys & Touchpoints
  • Data Driven Marketing Takes Center Stage

See what changes are coming to Salesforce