Is Your Sales Team Ready to Take Advantage of Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching? Tenfold Enables Einstein Call Coachingwith Native CTI for more than 100 voice platforms

Tenfold provides Advanced CTI for Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching giving enterprise companies and global teams the solutions they need to enable this high-powered offering from Salesforce with fully integrated voice.  Tenfold integrates Einstein Call Coaching with more than 100 voice platforms including Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Skype for Business, RingCentral and more. Tenfold is deeply aligned with Salesforce as the only native CTI solution invested in by Salesforce Ventures and has helped collaboratively develop and test current and future capabilities with the Salesforce team including Einstein Call Coaching currently expected to be released in Summer 2020.

What is Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching?

Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching is an upcoming (currently expected in Summer 2020) and powerful capability from Salesforce that helps sales teams be more productive and effective by deeply integrating prospect and customer conversation data into Salesforce for transcription, playback, analysis, automated insights and coaching.

The core capabilities of Einstein Call Coaching are:

  1. Integrated Call Recordings — Using a platform like Tenfold, companies can sync recorded calls into their Salesforce instance automatically for every customer conversation so recordings no longer need to be siloed in a separate external system and disconnected from SFDC data.
  2. Playback Control directly from Salesforce — With recordings connected to Salesforce, customers can now leverage playback embedded in SFDC.  Furthermore, calls are automatically tagged based on keywords, key phrases and competitor mentions and general topics tailored to your business and sales process so you can easily listen to interesting moments without having to sit through the whole recorded call. 
  3. Automated Call Highlights Alerts & Summary Emails — Using rules that are tailored to your specific business, Einstein Call Coaching can sift through days or weeks of recordings to bubble up those that are most relevant for reps and supervisors to review on a regular basis in a simple and automated email report.
  4. Call Coaching Dashboards — Leveraging rich structured conversational intelligence, companies can build highly sophisticated call coaching dashboards that empower reps and supervisors alike with proactive insights and prescriptive data.  Dashboards allow for aggregate, team and rep level insights along with the ability to drill down based on any additional data in Salesforce such as lead stage or prospect/customer segmentation.
  5. Call Coaching Library — With calls automatically captured in Salesforce, Einstein Call Coaching empowers faster onboarding of reps and easier training for teams by providing a Call Library. 

See these outlined in the below screenshot of Tenfold Advanced CTI for Einstein Call Coaching.

How does Einstein Call Coaching Compare to Other Solutions In the Market?

Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching represents the company’s move into the conversational intelligence space against competing solutions like and  With Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching, Salesforce has a powerful and robust answer to these other off-platform companies in the conversational intelligence space. Since the solution is later to market than others, it does not always have every bell & whistle you will find in competing platforms.  While they were later to market with a solution, they have the full force of Salesforce ($120B+ market cap) behind it alongside best-in-class AI through Salesforce Einstein and continued acquisitions in the intelligence space such as the recent acquisition of in mid-2019.

Some of the core advantages of the Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching product over competitors:

  • For Salesforce customers, Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching is on-platform and fully built into the Salesforce Sales Cloud experience and further integrated into Salesforce High Velocity Sales.  Other products like the ones mentioned above take your data and insights away from Salesforce making it hard to get the same level of rich analysis you can get from a native conversational intelligence solution such as Einstein Call Coaching.
  • Since Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching is on-platform and an add-on to Salesforce as opposed to an entirely new platform to live alongside Salesforce, the cost for High Velocity Sales along with Einstein Call Coaching is typically much more competitive.
  • Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching is part of a broader platform that provides for an all-in-one offering including traditional Salesforce CRM with Salesforce High Velocity Sales for managing intelligent cadences and customer engagement and rounded off with Einstein and Einstein Call Coaching for AI-powered lead scoring and conversational intelligence.  Other solutions require a multi-vendor approach with breakdowns in insights due to a lack of integration.
  • Einstein has been praised as a best-in-class AI engine and is the basis for much of Salesforce’s go-forward product investment spanning communication channels and core CRM capabilities, as well as those of High Velocity Sales and Einstein Call Coaching.  This helps companies future-proof their investment knowing where Einstein is heading in the next 2-3 years compared to other slower moving, less-capitalized options.

Why is CTI a Critical Requirement for High Velocity Sales and Einstein Call Coaching?

For any investment in Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching, CTI is a critical component to ensuring your sales team gets full value from the solution.  Without integrated CTI, you will not have the rich link between voice metadata (duration, direction, time, etc.), rep-captured context (notes, next steps, dispositions, etc.) and the Conversational Intelligence of Einstein Call Coaching.  The most powerful insights and the biggest boost in productivity come from the automation of connecting these disparate data sources in one place — in Salesforce — through an integrated CTI solution.

Why is Tenfold Uniquely Positioned to Empower this Functionality for Salesforce HVS Users?

Tenfold has raised more than $40m from Tier 1 investors specifically to solve for CTI and as the only native CTI solution backed by Salesforce Ventures, Tenfold has a unique relationship with the Salesforce team driving closer product collaboration and deeper roadmap alignment to give companies the most out of High Velocity Sales with Einstein Call Coaching powered by CTI.

Furthermore, Tenfold supports more voice platforms than any other CTI partner allowing for customers to integrate with what they have in place today and adapt to future needs whether through migration, acquisition or replacement of their voice infrastructure.  Tenfold supports both on-premise and cloud offerings helping companies through their digital transformation efforts by accelerating value today and allowing for transformation tomorrow without any end-user disruption in solution or experience.  

Lastly, Tenfold has a world-class support and customer success organization offering 24x7x365 support and enterprise-grade SLAs alongside a robust security program with SOC II compliance, multi-provider & multi-region infrastructure redundancy and certified data protection programs.

Learn more about Salesforce Einstein Call Coaching from Salesforce


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