Top Sales Blogs 2015 Q3: 5 Blogs in Our Must-Subscribe List Reading on your downtime? Check out these blogs.

Two million blog posts are written every 24 hours. Let that sink in.


Of all the posts made each day, a good portion must be about sales. After all, everyone on the internet is doing some form of selling. Which ones deserve your time?

We all go to the internet each morning, checking our subscriptions and reading those that appeal to us the most. For sales professionals, subscribing to the top sales blogs is a must.

But it’s not surprising to find less than stellar content on these platforms.

Often, we click away after reading a headline, the writer is lucky if you get to a paragraph or two. Well, bloggers–whether solo or for companies–live for their readers. They want you to read their blog posts. They frantically check their stats each day, seeing if their efforts are reciprocated by traffic.

But because of the pressure to create blog posts continuously, some content creators churn out bad content. Close. Unsubscribe.

We feel your pain. As professionals in sales, time is money. You want your time on the internet to be spent sponging up new information that will help you close more sales and handle your teams better.

So, we put together a list of sales blogs you must follow in 2015. All active blogs dishing out excellent content for the third quarter of 2015. We know that for each quarter, a list like this will have different sites and people on it, so we want to give you somewhat of a guide on who to read right now.

But! Before we get to the list–just what makes a top sales blog? Are they the highest ranking sites on Google? Are they the most shared links on social media sites?

The question we need to address–

What makes a good sales blog?

Here’s our four-part criteria:

  • Always updated (At least twice a month)
  • Original, valuable content
  • Well-written and well-researched
  • Easy to read
  • About sales but non-salesy (not overly promotional!)


See, good sales blogs are just If you’re like a lot of people– starting your days reading blogs alongside news, we think you’ll get a tip or two from this list.

Here’s the format of our list:

Blog name, 
Author, @twitterhandle
Our favorite recent post

Ready for excellent content? Here’s the list:

Top Sales Dog, Michael Boyette, @TopSalesDogs

On Top Sales Dog, Michael Boyette shares insights about sales training.

His blurb says:

Research-based and field-tested sales training ideas that help you develop your team so they can prospect more effectively, close more sales, retain more customers, deliver more value and earn more money.

And that’s exactly what you get from this blog.

No-nonsense, direct, and actionable advice in stepping up your team’s sales training so you meet your quotas fast.

A post we love: Throw them in the deep end


Switch & Shift Blog, @switchandshift

On Switch & Shift, multiple experts in the world of sales and people management share their insights in running sales teams and businesses that put people first. They want to change the mantra of “profit first, people second” to “profits as a direct result of putting people first”. They have a long list of competent authors respected in different fields who share their helpful advice in transforming businesses to being people-centric. The Switch & Shift blog is not a sales blog per se, but they post thought leadership articles that will help sales leaders run businesses and manage teams better– in a fresh, new light.

A post we love: Turn Around Even the Most Unmotivated Team by Being Proactive


Your Sales Playbook Blog, Paul Castain, @PaulCastain

Paul Castain is a sales superstar part of the Dale Carnegie family tree. On his website, he blogs about anything and everything sales. From the old school to the world of social selling, Paul has something worthwhile to share, and he does so in his blog posts that offer nothing but useful advice to sales professionals and sales managers. He started blogging in 2008–so you’re sure to find a treasure of information from his posts whether old or new.

A post we love: How Sales Reps Lose Deals For The WRONG Reasons


Score More Sales Blog, Lori Richardson, @scoremoresales

Lead by the experienced sales pro that is Lori Richardson, the Score More Sales blog is a depository of wisdom that can be applied to sales and non-sales situations. Directed at sales leaders to help them manage their team and make it into a selling powerhouse, Lori Richardson shares her coaching smarts in well-written posts that are thought-provoking and practical at the same time. Head on to Score More Sales for up-to-date analysis on the latest in sales. We particularly love this blog because its focus on B2B sales is much needed in today’s blogging landscape.

A post we love: The Push for More Women in Sales



Selling Fearlessly, Robert Terson, @RobertTerson

Robert Terson is an award-winning sales author. His books are must-reads for aspiring and experienced inside sales professionals. He wrote the groundbreaking book Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman’s Secrets For the One-Call-Close Salesperson, so it’s just fit to expect that he puts out the same level of quality for his online content.

Terson is a retired sales professional who has dedicated his time and expertise to sharing his well of wisdom on the internet. The blog on his site Selling Fearlessly offers Terson’s insightful stories that weave sales and real-life experiences. He can write about topics that will not make you think of sales but the way he seamlessly connects these topics will give you some fresh ideas in toggling or jumpstarting your operations.


A post we love: Your Procrastination is Not a Matter of Laziness–it’s Fear


Special mentions:

Fill the Funnel Blog, @fillthefunnel
A post we love: Lead Generation Tips Using Twitter and LinkedIn

Sales Benchmark Index Blog, @makingthenumber
A post we love: 
Predictive Analytics: Sizzle or Steak?


Keep reading

Sales professionals continue to be relevant because they never stop being students of their craft. Whether you lead a team or are a professional in direct contact with customers, reading ensures that you’re updated with industry news and that you’re armed with the latest tools and tricks. We know there’s just too much content out there and sometimes it’s hard to filter out the bad ones. You’ll often find good content is those that stick!

Don’t worry–we’ll constantly update you with the best sales prose on the web. Make sure to subscribe to our blog too. We promise to bring you only awesome posts. This is a no fluff zone!


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