Optimize Your Sales Team’s Productivity with These 10 Cisco IP Phones

Your company’s growth and prosperity hinge on your ability to optimize efficiency and productivity among your sales staff. Notably, the IP phone model you select for your team members may become the most valuable tool in your sales arsenal. Below is a look at the key factors to consider before making a choice and 10 dependable Cisco IP phones for sales and call center representatives.

The Evolving IP Phone Landscape

IP Phones continue to evolve in tandem with the changing demands of sales organizations. As a leader in the IP phone industry, Cisco’s latest phones offer an unparalleled level of convenience and are designed to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce. Features at the top of every sales manager’s wish list include the following:

  • A high-resolution color display: Much like a vehicle’s in-dash navigation, a phone’s LCD screen serves as the nerve center for sales reps and customer service agents alike. Screens have evolved significantly over the years to reflect the changing needs and demands of users. Screens on late model phones are larger and more vivid than ever to facilitate efficiency.
  • Compatibility with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. With the overwhelming majority of sales organizations using a CRM platform, a phone should integrate seamlessly with common CRM solutions such as Salesforce.com, Sugar CRM, Pipedrive, Insightly, and others.
  • The ability to forward calls to any device with internet access. Sales representatives cannot afford to miss phone calls. However, few salespeople spend 100% of every workday at their desks. With over 40% of Americans working remotely in 2016, sales-based organizations are increasingly seeking intuitive IP phones that will forward sales calls to any mobile device.
  • Localized language support: Sales organizations and call centers are increasingly employing representatives across the globe. Today’s IP phones should offer options such as customizable language and right-to-left on-screen text.

Ten Cisco IP Phone Options for Your Sales Team

By demonstrating an ongoing commitment to meeting the needs of sales organizations and call centers, Cisco continues to be a leader in the IP phone industry. As Cisco’s phone technology continues to evolve, sales organizations of all types and sizes are able to choose from a wide variety of phone options to meet their unique organizational needs. Below are ten Cisco IP phones to consider for your sales team.

1) The Cisco 8865. Sales organizations seeking the latest in cutting-edge HD video communications will find the 8865 to their liking. Designed to function flawlessly in shared work environments, the 8865 offers a comprehensive collection of VoIP features. Key characteristics of the 8865 include the following:

  • A 5-inch widescreen VGA color display
  • High-quality 720p two-way HD video for a superb visual experience
  • Superb video and VoIP clarity
  • An optional key expansion module that facilitates dialing
  • Flexible deployment options

Additionally, the 8865 is compatible with a variety of USB headsets, including models made by third-party vendors. This advantage enables companies with offshore call centers to easily and affordably replace headsets through local suppliers.

2) The Cisco 8845. The 8845 was designed for optimum user productivity. In addition to offering basic calling features such as transfer, conference, and hold/resume, the 8845 allows sales reps to employ its multi-call-per-line feature to handle multiple calls for each directory number. The most pertinent features for sales and customer service agents are as follows:

  • A 5-inch high-resolution widescreen backlit color display
  • High-quality 720p two-way HD video
  • Five programmable lines
  • Outstanding audio acoustics
  • One-touch access to applications

In addition to these key features, the 8845 is known for its integrated digital camera and outstanding encryption of voice and video communications.

3) The Cisco 7945G. Like the 8845, the Cisco 7945G possesses an adaptable, dynamic design that facilitates organizational growth. Regular, unobtrusive software updates help to ensure that sales and customer service representatives maintain a competitive edge in efficiency and productivity. Key characteristics of the 7945G include the following:

  • A 5-inch graphical TFT color display with backlight and 16-bit color depth
  • High-quality 720p two-way HD video for a superb visual experience
  • Five programmable lines
  • Wideband support, including speakerphone, handset, and headset
  • One-touch access to applications

The 7945G is also known for its integrated support for over 30 languages, making it an excellent choice for organizations with employees in multiple countries.

4) The Cisco SPA303G. The SPA303G IP phone was constructed with utility and affordability in mind. It is the perfect option for organizations that do not require a large color display or other sophisticated features present on recently designed IP phones. Key characteristics of the SPA303G include the following:

  • A backlit monochrome LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels)
  • Three voice lines
  • Caller ID
  • A menu-operated user interface
  • Automatic redial of the most recent number called

Two final points to consider are the SPA303G’s simple installation process and secure remote provisioning tools. Software upgrades are easy to make and do not interfere with regular business, giving sales and customer service managers peace of mind.

5) The Cisco SPA504G. The SPA504G IP phone possesses the same robust collection of features as the 303G. However, the SPA504G also includes an additional voice line, Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, and other upgrades that make it a more attractive option for sales professionals who field a lot of calls. Key characteristics of the SPA504G include the following:

  • A backlit monochrome LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels)
  • Four voice lines
  • Illuminated buttons to signify on/off for audio mute, headset, and speakerphone
  • A menu-operated user interface
  • Support of optional features such as Cisco XML and VoiceView Express

6) The Cisco SPA514G. With its dual gigabit ethernet switched ports and secure remote provisioning, the SPA514G is a logical choice for call centers with single or multiple locations. Key specifications include:

  • A backlit monochrome LCD screen (128 x 64 pixels)
  • Four voice lines
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • A menu-operated user interface
  • Automatic redial of the most recent number called

Like other models in Cisco’s SPA line, the SPA514G is known for its ease of installation and simple station moves, making it a favorite among sales managers and IT staff alike.

7) The Cisco 7940G. Designed with the needs of transaction-type employees in mind, the Cisco 7940G is a model for call center managers to consider. Additional benefits for call center agents include categorization of incoming messages for users and customizable network configuration preferences. The 7940G boasts a robust collection of capabilities, including the following:

  • The ability for hands-free changes, facilitating moves to any new network location without system administration
  • The availability of a variety of user accessibility methods, including soft keys, buttons, or direct access
  • More than 24 unique ringer sounds and volume settings
  • A dedicated headset port that allows the handset to remain in its cradle
  • Easy access to a variety of information, including stock market updates, weather, and other web-based news

In addition to these advantages, the 7940G features an ADA-compliant dial pad and HAC handset, facilitating compliance with industry regulations. The 7940G also has a foot stand that can be adjusted up to 60 degrees for optimum viewing and comfort.

8) Cisco 7912G. The 7912G offers outstanding value to companies facing tight budgetary constraints. A snapshot of the basic features of the 7912G is as follows:

  • Single voice line support
  • A monochrome, pixel-based display that displays the caller’s name and number
  • Call forwarding and call waiting
  • On-hook dialing
  • Four speed-dials

Because the 7912G is an older model phone, it is no longer available for purchase directly through Cisco, but may be purchased through online resellers.

9) The Cisco CP-8831-K9. The CP-8831-K9 is distinct from the other Cisco phones on this list because it is designed specifically for conference calls. The CP-8831-K9 provides an acoustically pleasing experience for a large group of sales representatives and call center agents. Boasting the following five strengths, the CP-8831-K9 is particularly beneficial to companies that regularly hold audio conference calls with customer groups or vendors:

  • High-definition audio performance
  • 360-degree coverage
  • Scalability to optimize conference calls in rooms and offices of every size
  • Flexibility and convenience through a mobile control panel
  • Expandability through the use of wired or wireless extension microphones

The CP-8831-K9 also includes a number of subtly impressive features such as echo suppression, noise reduction, and silence suppression. The inclusion of these premium features makes the CP-8831-K9 an excellent choice for sales organizations that require a dependable conference phone.

10) The Cisco 8800 Key Module. While this module is not a telephone in and of itself, it deserves inclusion in this list because of its progressive ability to transform Cisco’s 8851, 8861, and 8865 telephones. In addition to greatly enhancing productivity for phone users, the 8800 key module offers busy sales representatives one-button access to the colleagues with whom they communicate with the greatest frequency. Notable features of the 8800 key module include the following:

  • 18 programmable LED lines per module
  • A backlit, high-resolution 4.3-inch color display for easy viewing
  • Users can choose between Power over Ethernet (PoE) or a local power cube
  • A power save plus option to help companies save money and conserve energy

Key Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing an IP Phone for Your Sales Team

Clearly, Cisco offers a host of IP phones designed to help sales organizations bolster their productivity. Selecting the best IP phone for your sales team or call center is a process that should be undertaken with careful consideration of costs, growth potential, and manufacturer support. Below are three factors to keep in mind as you evaluate IP phone options for your sales force or call center:

  • Your budget. Cost is often a driving factor during the telephone selection process. Companies with generous sales budgets are more likely to invest in a Cisco IP phone with the latest cutting-edge technology than sales teams with more modest budgets. Fortunately, Cisco offers a wide variety of IP phones to meet the budgetary needs of virtually any sales organization.
  • Scalability. Before finalizing your phone purchase, make sure that you have tracked your team’s growth and considered any potential staffing additions that are likely to occur in the near future. If your call center is poised for continued growth over the next 1-2 years, you should consider investing in a recent model phone with field-upgradable options.
  • Manufacturer support. Some IP phones may function well but are no longer available for purchase directly from Cisco. Manufacturer support may also be limited. These phones may be offered by resellers as new, used, or refurbished at an attractive price. Be sure to carefully review any end-of-life notifications before investing in an older model phone.

As a leader in the IP phone industry, Cisco has a wide array of phone options for sales organizations of every size. Sales managers should carefully evaluate each available option in conjunction with their specific organizational needs. Ultimately, the Cisco IP phone that you choose will play a key role in optimizing efficiency and productivity among employees.


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