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Grant Cardone isn’t staring at his inbox, or waiting for someone to call him back. And that’s because the sales guru and bestselling author of The 10x Rule makes the call, and then he closes the customer. The phone is, quite simply, indispensable when it comes to closing sales (“Over 92 percent of customer interactions happen on the phone,” he says).

In fact, any sales advice should begin and end with this: Use the phone. Use it often. And use it for what it was originally intended for: To make actual person-to-person calls. Because as soon as you use it as a ping-pong paddle, to tap an email back over to the prospect, then you’re not closing sales. You’re in a waiting game.

Watch Grant Cardone close the sale like a badass.


Watch Cardone in action

Watch how Cardone closes a sale when his rep hits a wall, and you’ll see that he doesn’t start pitching benefits or features, or defending why he or his company are worth it—nope. In this case, the customer was hung up on $100—and rather than apologize why he couldn’t accommodate, Cardone says, “You need to stop worrying about $100 and start worrying about a million dollars.”

Now if that’s not closing sales, I don’t know what is. Because he overcomes objection by pointing the prospect in the direction of a real fear: Not the little he will spend, but how much he stands to lose.

Get into the close zone

Cardone is so committed to closing sales that he’s beyond the point of “selling” and squarely in the close zone. And that’s precisely where you and your team need to be. That is closing sales advice 101: You must be sold on not just what you’re doing, but the value that it represents.

Rather than “work through it” or try to win over the customer, Cardone puts the question to him straight: Yay or nay? He does not let him wriggle away for a second. No grey area, no dithering, no delays. The customer relents. He’s in. Surprised? We’re not. That’s closing sales.


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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

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