Boost Your Sales Productivity: Do This Before 6 O’Clock Fifteen minutes make a big difference.

You want to get as much done (and sold) in a day as possible. You want your sales productivity to be consistent, if not stellar. You get to the office early, eat at your desk, do two things at once. But one of the most productive things you can do all day is tee up your next day so that you hit the ground running once again.

Productivity expert Paula Rizzo, author of Listful Thinking: Using Lists to Become More Productive, Successful, and Less Stressed, and creator of, says that the last 15 minutes of your day are critical for maintaining momentum and upping sales productivity.

“Every day, when I’m nearly finished with work I create a roadmap for the following day,” she writes on her blog. “I’ve stolen the idea from my time as a live news producer. We always have a rundown to keep us on track during a live show. Your work day should run the same way.”

Sales productivity can happen in 15 minutes

So before you call it a day, she says, tend to your sales productivity. Write down every unfinished task, every unclosed loop in your head so you don’t lose the thread on it, and then prioritize it—not necessarily by the “biggest” job, but by what has to happen next for the bigger stuff to happen.

Not only that, schedule activities into your day that will keep your energy and motivation up—critical for sales productivity. Not anything extravagant—think lunch and snack times, plus some pockets for some physical movement. Rizzo writes, “When we’re rushing around trying to get everything done, eating can be the last thing on our minds. But if you don’t eat, or you just grab something small it can have a negative impact on your afternoon. By making time for a good meal you can kick start your afternoon feeling refreshed.”

By taking 15 minutes to map out the following day, you spend less time figuring out what you have to do the next day, and more time doing it.

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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

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