How to Boost Performance in Customer Care Call Centers

Call centers are often the most customer-facing component of companies. It doesn’t matter if it’s an in-house center or an outsourced company, call center agents represent businesses for the majority of customer interactions. The way agents interact with customers and prospects should reflect a company’s ethos.

For call centers focused on customer support, ensuring that a company retains its customers and continues to win more business through existing accounts are the major keys.

It’s a huge responsibility but one that’s not impossible to carry. Looking to improve your operations? Check out these tips.

Level up your hiring process

One of the pillars of a stellar customer support call center is a highly competent workforce. It may seem like stating the obvious but it’s so easy to overlook rep quality when you’re looking to fill hundreds of call center seats.

Of course, it starts with hiring.

Go after candidates who show a natural inclination to delight customers. Make sure that they’d be willing to be coached and trained, not only in using tools like Salesforce and Avaya dialer but in soft skills that really spell the difference between decent customer support and delighting customers.

Share best practices

There’s a reason why the most popular organizational structure for call centers is breaking up a whole workforce down to teams. The smaller size of teams allows agents to benefit from each other’s experiences each day.

When a great call is identified on the floor, it’s important for leaders to hold a quick huddle or a meeting to showcase all the things that went right during the model call.

It’s also a great time to show how tools can help when used right, especially in the face of adoption issues.

Did the agent use the Avaya integration to personalize calls? Did the agent use call notes to keep the call about the customer’s needs? This helps reinforce best practices in individuals and pushes others to follow suit.

Improve the agent toolkit

Day in and out, the agent’s companion is the desktop. In many cases, tools are too complex and complicate simple processes that could be streamlined with the use of better technology.

The once cumbersome mix of CRMs and phone systems can now be integrated through CTI technology like the available solutions connecting Salesforce with Avaya phones.

Revolutionizing the agent’s toolkit should be centered on increasing the time they spend on addressing customer concerns and slashing minutes off their non-conversation activities like data entry and manual logging.

Providing great customer service begins with great agents. Paired with the right tools, you can be assured that customers will stay customers.


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