How to Choose the Best Sales Enablement Software Filter out the noise. Choose the right software.

Sales enablement software is multiplying like rabbits in May. And, of course, it’s all the Best Sales Enablement Software Ever!

This is tough on sales leaders for two reasons. First, “sales enablement” is a fuzzy concept that can change depending on who you talk to. For our purposes, it’s the alignment of marketing and sales around a common set of priorities. This alignment helps the first produce, and the latter use, the best possible sales content.

Second, many sales enablement offerings haven’t been truly road-tested. So how do you choose the best sales enablement software that helps sales and marketing work together? That, you know, enables sales?

3 Questions to Ask for the Best Sales Enablement Software

The goal is to select software that achieves said alignment. This tool should also help you analyze tactics and help them move toward best solutions. At Business 2 Community, marketing professional Jeff Day shares three questions to ask of every sales enablement tool.

Can your sales team access the content that marketing creates? The software should let your sales team find the content they need for each selling opportunity they face. Say marketing has created a series of infographics. They should live in software that nimbly helps your sales team find the right piece for the prospect at hand.

Does the software work for clients, too? You don’t want to have to create a separate platform for clients to consume your sales content. That’s a waste of time and resources. Instead, your prospects needs to access content through your sales enablement software. This is in addition to handling internal communications. As Day writes, the platform should be “efficient, inviting, and even elegant.”

Does the software deliver data that you can use? Day insists that your software should be able to measure how well your content strategy works—and how well your team can execute it. Sales enablement software should also measure individual clients’ use of the content.

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Dan Sincavage

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