8 Chrome Extensions for Busy Sales Reps

Sales reps are incredibly busy these days. Between an ever increasing quota, and a need to conduct outreach, there’s little time during the day for sales reps to accomplish all of their tasks. Fortunately, chrome extensions are here to save the day. With a seemingly unlimited supply of different tools, chrome extensions can help with outreach, time management, productivity, and organization. For sales reps hoping to squeeze as much out of their day as humanly possible, chrome extensions are the Sam to everyone’s Frodo. They’re here to help you when you need them most.


Chrome extensions for outreach

1. Clearbit Connect

Having trouble finding a contact email? With Clearbit Connect that’s no longer an issue. You can instantly discover email addresses by typing a company name into the Connect search function, and it will return a list of associated email accounts. This app will also provide contextual information such as the size of a company, their market, and how many people work at the company.

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2. Conspire

Sometimes finding an email isn’t enough. If you’re wanting to contact a high-level executive, it may not be the best idea to send them a cold email without an introduction; and that’s where Conspire comes into play. With this chrome extension, you can discover the best way to connect with someone, and who the best point of contact would be. Conspire works with Gmail, LinkedIn, and AngelList. 

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3. Rocketbolt

Sending an email and not getting a response is incredibly annoying. Unfortunately it’s become commonplace in today’s digital age. With Rocketbolt however, you know exactly when someone opens your email. While that information alone won’t necessarily help you, it can aid your approach on how to follow up. Maybe you can send another follow-up email right after it’s been opened, or make a direct phone call once Rocketbolt notifies you.

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Chrome extensions for time management

4. timeStats

Want to know how productive you actually are? While this might scare off a fair number of people (as they don’t want to know they spend 78% of their day on Twitter), dedicated salespeople will leap at the chance to use timeStats. timeStats tracks what websites you use, and for how long you’ve spent on them. It’s a fantastic eye-opener, and can truly show you where you’re wasting your time.

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5. Productivity Owl

Perhaps knowing exactly how much time you’re spending on Twitter isn’t enough for you. After all, receiving information and actually putting it to use are two entirely different things. However, with Productivity Owl, your time on certain websites is limited, literally. When setting up the app, sites are classified as “allowed” and “blocked.” Those that are marked as blocked will be tagged with a timer, that counts down how much time you’re allowed to spend on the site. “This creates a system where you learn to find what you need fast.”

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Chrome extensions for organization

6. Assistant.to

Scheduling meetings and phone calls can be a pain for everyone involved. Even with Google Calendar, it can be difficult for two people to get on the same page. Predictably, this can lead to unnecessarily lengthy email chains. Fortunately, Assistant.to is here to save the day. This chrome extension connects to Google Calendar, pulls in open time slots, and allows the recipient to select times that work for their schedule.

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The worst part about needing to share a website or an article with someone is having to switch tabs. First you copy the article, move over to Slack to share the article, and go back to the article to continue reading. Thankfully, with Point, you no longer have to do that. This app allows you to “send a page to a friend with just a few keystrokes. Highlight best parts of the page,” and chat about the actual article on the page itself.

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8. Black Menu for Google

This app allows you to access all aspects of Google Drive without ever having to leave the page you’re on. While opening up a new tab on Chrome is easy enough, Black Menu makes that seem as antiquated as sending actual mail to someone. This extension gives you access to all of your Google services by using a drop-down menu, and allows you to customize exactly what’s on your menu.

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