How Absolute Automation By Salesforce Is Helpful For Your Business Process

To propel the sales industry to greater heights, cloud-based solution developers are geared to equipping companies with advance technologies paramount to their success. In the present milieu, we welcome one tool that aids in the streamlining of the overall sales process: Absolute Automation. This forward approach’s focus is the provision of functions that are seminal to the implementation of efficiency mainly through email solutions.

Being the leading CRM of today, Salesforce proves itself as a formidable institution in the movement of modernizing daily business processes. With its Salesforce Automation, a function powered by the, queries sent to your company’s support email will instantly be mad into a case. As members of the frontline, agents know the added value this automated action contributes to speed up the delivery of quality customer service. With an integrated automation function, the absolute automation app that is synced to your CRM can easily alert you of any client issue that needs immediate attention. Perfectly assimilating itself to any email service provider (i.e. GMail, Blackberry, Outlook, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Entourage, and (Mac Mail)), the app allows itself to be at the disposal of a wide demographic of users, from small-scale business to large-scale ones.

Setting up the Absolute Automation app into your organization’s system will only take a couple of minutes from your time. Start by downloading “iHance” from Salesforce’s AppExchange or get it here. Select “Grant Access to all users” when asked by a pop-up box. Once you’ve completed the installation, click the plus sign at the end of your Salesforce panel to add an “Emails” tab. Then follow the instructions provided by the Setup Wizard. After installing the app, it’s now time for you to sync it to your Salesforce CRM. First, go to your new “Emails” tab and click the “Preferences” subtab. Once you’ve done so, the last step would be to click “configure email forwarding” option that will assist you with instructions to complete the syncing process.

Introduced sometime in 2009, the absolute automation feature is relatively new to the sales and marketing playing field. But despite being in its infancy stages, the app has proven itself worthy of staying. And besides its email support benefits here are its other contributions to the organization as a whole:

  • Absolute Automation allows agents to put a premium on their customers’ satisfaction. With the program taking care of filtering through transcribed conversations with your clients, the members of the frontline are able to address specific concerns raised by the person they are attending to.
  • The function provides a unified system for the entire organization. With every organization composed of experts belonging to various fields of interests (i.e. finance or accounting, sales and marketing, and logistics, among others) Absolute Automation ties these departments all together to improve the solutions given to customers. This not only reduces the time dedicated to solving a customer’s issue, but it also helps regulate manual error possibly caused by agents who aren’t experts on the specific field a query falls under.
  • When business automation is fully integrated in a unit’s system, it aids in the dissemination of tasks to the disparate parties that constitute the organization. Every member of the company is fully utilized, and their capabilities optimized, by assigning them tasks that they can professionally handle given their expert background.

The dawn of social media has eclipsed relatively older marketing instruments, and has seen a constant growth in usage since its introduction. In 2015, it was reported that a total of 1.65 billion social media accounts have been created from different parts of the globe. Eventually, with the launch of modern smartphones, this platform ushers in 1million new accounts every day; making it currently the strongest means of marketing a product. But despite the overwhelming success social media has been receiving, emails have proven itself as a withstanding force in marketing.

Just two years ago, back in 2015, researchers from Radicati Group Inc.—a California-based team dedicated to providing users with “research on email, security, instant messaging, and social networking”—produced a statistic report on the value of emails in the modern sales and marketing systems. In their document, they were able to qualify a daily total of 205 billion sent and received emails. This number is also said to increase by 3% in the next few years leading up to the end of 2019, also according to the group. Digital marketing icon Ron Cates gives his insight on the email platform’s relevance by saying “Email to me is the original form of digital social media; more importantly, it’s how you monetize other forms of social.” He expounds further “If all you tweet is “Buy my stuff, buy my stuff.” I’m not going to follow you on Twitter. But with email, we not only tolerate some promotional content. In a lot of cases, we look forward to it. That’s why we signed up for the email list in the first place.” Given the indelibility of email as a major force in the business landscape; and partly, through the creation of aps like absolute automation in Salesforce, it now experiences a whole new level of appreciation from those who thrive within the said industry.


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Dan Sincavage

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