Since sales are considered to be the pulse of a company, it is necessary for companies to be interested in increasing the overall number of sales. A myriad of businesses worldwide has found an easy method of boosting inside sales through the use of analytic data gained from the highly sophisticated software Tenfold. Overall, this software makes it easy for a company to keep track of numerous aspects relating to efficient customer relationship management (CRM). Let us take a look at how Tenfold works to increase the inside sales of a company.

Tenfold connects a company’s office phone lines to the office computers allowing for a record kept in real-time of all incoming and outgoing calls. This coupling of devices entails numerous benefits that can be utilized by the company. Some benefits include saving all clients as contacts into a database, click to dial, create and save notes during a call, set follow-up dates and forwarding client interactions as needed. These few aspects of Tenfold help to make efficient record keeping easy by allowing employees an opportunity to build a relationship with the client. Before integrating Tenfold into your business plan, it may be useful to understand more of what each benefit brings to the table.

Create Customer Profile

Tenfold allows a business to create customer profiles for their whole client base. This allows all employees to be able to look up each customer contact to review their interactions with the company. Utilizing the click to dial feature, employees are able to increase their outgoing calls when reaching out to existing clients. This method of database utilization is the foundation of good customer relationship management.

Build Customer History

Simply taking good notes is a major factor when dealing with customers over the phone or internet. The reality most inside sales companies face is the face that it can become overwhelming interacting without a note taking system of some sort. Tenfold makes it easy to keep track of the notes taken on each customer and their interaction with the company by saving the information under their customer profile. Over time, the company is building a customer history. In the long run, a customer history is very useful because it represents why they are using the company’s product or service. Utilizing the benefit of building customer history allows the company to observe both a single customer or demographic of customer’s spending habits and limitations. Knowing who is buying what and why will give a company direction in how to increase exposure thus increasing sale opportunities.

Set Follow-Ups and Sharing

Creating follow-up interactions with clients are a necessary part of any inside sales business. Follow-ups extend the potential of sales while also extending the opportunity for more information to be gained from the customer. Additionally, if a follow-up is not preferred, but necessary to secure a sale, it is useful to include the input of management to help guide an employee to successfully closing the sale.

Good Calls, Good Relationships, Higher Sales Ratio

By making it simpler to build a good customer relation, the inside sales will increase from customer retention. Future clients will feel a sense of efficiency from a company that is organized well. Overall, a little effort goes a long way. A customer that is well taken care of from the beginning of their interactions with a company is more likely to continue utilizing the company’s products or services. Tenfold enables companies to reach out to their customers with better calls which conclusively result in more sales.

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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

Dan is a Co-Founder of Tenfold and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. Dan oversees the Tenfold sales organization, manages strategic partner relationships and works with key enterprise accounts to ensure their success with the Tenfold platform.

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