Your sales team is stressed. But not the kind of stressed that drives them to succeed. The defeating kind of stress. Expectations are high. Sales are low. You don’t know why one employee can bring in consistent business while the other can’t seem to keep the customer on the phone. You could look over their shoulders and keep tabs on how they spend every minute on the job, but that just drains you both.

A 2013 Gallup poll found that the majority of employees worldwide—63%—are “not engaged,” and are less likely to invest effort in organizational goals. So how can you monitor and motivate your sales team without micromanaging? You need contact center solutions. Here are three tips.

Don’t use tracking software to spy on employees

Stellar CRM software includes features that allow you to track your team’s progress. According to Inc. Top 100 Leadership and Management Expert, Ted Coiné, if you use these stats to crack the whip on your staff, you will only foster distrust. Instead of spying on your employees from behind your computer, use this information to inspire them as a leader. An employee should feel that you and the CRM software are contact center solutions to help them become more successful, not to penalize them for taking a bathroom break.

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Simplify interactions between sales staff and customers  

Your customer should always be at the center of your efforts. An excellent contact center solution facilitates communication between your customers and your staff. A 2014 study found that the telephone is still the preferred method of customer service for 88% of consumers. No matter how technologically advanced, If your contact center solution over-complicates the interaction between your sales team and your customers, it’s no good. An effective contact center solution, like is both a straightforward experience for your customer and a useful tool for your sales team.

Make sure your CRM software helps you forecast sales

A clear picture of how you’re doing and where you going is essential to creating a good sales forecast. The right contact center solution makes your sales analytics easy to access, digest and view. In the digital age you should be able to easily pull up this information from your smartphone on your way to a lunch meeting with investors. You should know where you stand at all times. The value of a quality CRM software to your business cannot be underestimated.

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