Call centers are virtual or physical operations with a primary organization where a group of managed individuals spend the majority of their time conducting business via the telephone, often within a computer-automated environment. However, call centers aren’t what they used to be. Customer Relationship Management is all the rage. To foster growth and loyalty, you need a strong technological investment.

When you have a call center within your firm, you are able to build, manage and maintain strong customer relationships by resolving customer complaints quickly and solving any problems that come along. Call centers also allow your business to answer questions, provide information to customers and have someone available around-the-clock, regardless of what time or day it might be. As the heart and soul of many companies, you need to make sure that your call center is up and operational at all times. You have to do whatever you can to keep your call center employees happy.

To help ensure your business is constantly forging forward, try using these three highly effective strategies to retain call center employees. In doing so, you will be able to propel your business down a new path that you never thought possible before.

Be proactive and supportive in your managerial approach.

Oftentimes, managers get caught up in doing things a certain way. They are focused on numbers and the bottom line. They feel their way is the only way to do things. Unfortunately, this can lead to disgruntled employees. Call center employees are dealing with customer’s day in and day out. They are the front line when fielding inquiries and resolving conflicts. Their main priority is to satisfy the customer and make sure the customer is happy. But, who is working to make sure the call center employees are happy?

They need someone who is willing to take the time to listen to what they have to say. After all, they are the ones answering the phones every day. By being supportive and willing to listen to any ideas or suggestions the call center employees might have, the business could end up improving significantly in how it does business. Many employees have excellent ideas. The problem is no one is ever willing to listen to what they have to say or let them carry it out. When managers are receptive and supportive of those ideas, it makes employees feel important and could possibly improve efficiency and overall customer satisfaction.

Incorporate empowerment within your employees.

Many times, business owners simply make all of the decisions and never stop and think twice about asking employees what they think. Employees who are actually doing the job tend to have a lot of great ideas about how to make their job better and improve the company at the same time. You can start by holding a meeting with your call center employees once per month to go over any concerns or suggestions they might have.

If there are things that you think need to be implemented into the business, you can start by giving your employees the power to act upon them. You need to give the workers some sense of power in what they can or cannot do. Don’t just tell them all of the things they have to do on the job. Go into detail about what they are allowed to do in the heat of the moment when a crisis situation occurs. Take it above and beyond just the simple do this or do that. Empowering your employees gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment in all they do. It makes them want to work harder to impress management.

Effectively manage front-line employees.

In many organizations today, managers aren’t managing the front-line employees effectively. When that happens, employees tend to leave. They want to feel appreciated and respected, just like the primary manager wants to feel. Unfortunately, many managers focus on one thing and that is getting the job done as quickly as possible, without regard to emotion or overall customer service experience. Being inhumane will get you nowhere as a company. It will turn employees and customers away.

Too many managers focus on numbers and how quickly call center employees are answering calls and moving on to the next one. However, that is the wrong way to look at it. When you are in a service industry, you need to do everything you can to provide customers with the absolute best service experience possible. Spend time talking with them on the phone. Listen to what they have to say. Sure, this might not allow a call center rep to get off the phone with that customer in your recommended 60-second timeframe, but it will go a long way in keeping that customer coming back to use your services again and again. You cannot be emotionally detached when it comes to dealing with customers in a service industry.

When you stop and focus on the three things above, you can make sure your call center employees don’t end up burned out before their time. There is no reason why you have to deal with high turnovers and low retention when there are things that can be done to counteract those problems. For more information on what you can do to boost morale in your call center employees, contact us today. When your call center employees are happy, you know your customers are going to be happy as well.


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