Top Coaching Advice for Your Highest Sales Performers


If you’ve got a rockstar sales team, fantastic. But that’s not enough.

It’s your job, as leader, to make sure that top performers continue to do that with top coaching advice. Peri Shawn of Salesforce examines in her piece why and how coaching high performers differs from the rest, and how to optimize your coaching when working with your A-team.

Psychology is everything

Top performers don’t just act differently than regular sales staff. They think differently, too. And in order to offer them good advice, you have to get your mind wrapped around how their minds work.

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As Shawn points out, top performers are quick—sometimes, too quick for their own good. She recalls when a sales member’s idea went over the head of a prospect, not intentionally, but because that person thought so fast. Instead of trying to slow them down to see the bigger picture, work alongside them. How can you provide top coaching advice that complements how they work?

Not all coaching is created equal

Shawn says that doling out gold stars won’t necessarily motivate people who are used to competing at the top of the food chain. So how can you push them to be better? Where can you point out room for improvement? What you provide as top coaching advice for your B team might not work for top brass. Adjust your advice accordingly.

Set the bar higher

As for what to do with the B-team, think about what you, as an A-team sales coach, help bring them out of their current ranks? It’s a matter of psychology, again: helping them realize their potential first, then setting reachable (if stretchable) milestones so that they continue to grow instead of grow stagnate. Remember: at the end of the day, all team members are ultimately competing with themselves.

What sort of top coaching advice do you offer to your team? Share your stand-out methods in the comments below.

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