4 Unconventional Sales Coaching Tips That Work

4 Unconventional Sales Coaching Tips That Work

4 Unconventional Sales Coaching Tips That Work Make the unconventional work for you.

When it comes to sales coaching tips, tried-and-true techniques can get old—fast. Here, we examine Omaid Homayun’s Forbes.com post about going beyond what’s been tested, with unconventional sales coaching tips that work.

Start by questioning—everything

Homayun starts by asking: what’s needed to have a successful day? In his post, he suggests figuring out what your essential must-dos are. We’ll go a step further and ask you to critically evaluate all must-dos and decide if they’re contributing to your bottom line or detracting from it.

Think outside the box

When a client asks for your expertise about something that’s not on the docket, it’s an opportunity for you to think outside the box—and turn that moment into more opportunities. As Homayun points out in his piece, it’s the unconventional that can make you indispensable.

Don’t treat social media like a magic bullet

Should you follow your clients on Twitter? Yes, says Homayun. But doing so isn’t going to make your sales skyrocket, because you can’t click your way to success. Stellar and consistent sales are always, always about human interaction. Think of social media as one of the players on the team. “Like a balanced offense in football, a team should have both a solid running and passing attack,” Homayun writes.

Beef up your education

Learning doesn’t always come via classroom (though many universities and colleges offer excellent executive programs and individual classes for working professionals). Books, seminars, online programs, and conferences all offer sales coaching tips on sharpening up your technique. And, as Homayun mentions, having a mentor is like having an ace in your pocket. It’s someone to act as an advocate on your behalf when you’re just starting out, or navigating uncertain waters.

These are just a few of Omaid Homayun’s 11 sales coaching tips to make the unconventional work for you in sales and business. What are some of your sales coaching tips? Share them in the comments below.

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