Introducing Tenfold VoiceMap™

The first component of a full-fledged voice analytics suite for call centers and sales teams.

Lea Black

Lea Black

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Sales Rep : Hello! And sure thing, how can we help you today?
Austin Hoffman

Austin Hoffman

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Customer : Hello, I'm looking at your website and have a few questions about your product.

Use AI to Close More Deals

Having access to the best information available is a vital aspect of almost any operation—but it’s especially important in a competitive sales environment.

Enhance customer interactions
Support best practices
Provide a solid sales framework
Raise close rates and lower handle time

Start Leveraging Intelligent Analytics

Discover Interruptions

Find and flag agents who constantly interrupt

Data Points

Unlock data hidden within your existing records


Score each agent against company averages

Customer Satisfaction

Improve empathy, confidence, and professionalism


Make better managerial decisions based on facts


Use the voice data to win more deals

Dive deeper into your team's conversations

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The Key Elements of a Listening Score

Title How much the agent speaks versus how much the customer speaks
Title Detect when interruptions occur and see how each person in the conversation can improve
Title Replay conversations back with Call Breakdown and identify crosstalk and other key elements
Title Drive agent competency and professionalism by leveraging their listening score

Customer Testimonial

Stephanie Drumright, International Business Systems Analyst at LogMeIn

Simplifying how people interact with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful insight, deeper relationships and better outcomes for all has helped LogMeIn

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