Build relationships immediately in order to win customers' business

When it comes to insurance, customers need to feel like their best interests are constantly kept in mind, and with Tenfold's unrivaled customer engagement possibilities, they'll never feel ignored.

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Secure prospects with quick response times and conversations in full context

Buying insurance has changed considerably since the rise of the internet, especially in the last decade. With the ability to compare multiple options instantaneously, it's imperative for insurance reps to have the ability to follow up with consumers immediately–and Tenfold empowers businesses to do just that. The moment a lead is logged in your CRM, a rep can connect with a prospect, qualify them, and pass them off to a member of the sales team. By capturing all stages of the customer journey, Tenfold helps increase sales efficiency and conversion rates.
Tenfold has been a lifesaver for our staff. Every call is logged and allows us to @ mention a staff member for quick resolution of a client's issue. Their support team went the extra mile to make sure it worked seamlessly with our Vonage phone system. Read more
Melaine Tetrick at ChiroHealthUSA Melaine Tetrick at ChiroHealthUSA

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Capture 100% of your customer interactions

80% of customer engagement data is missing

Running a modern day business is like having a bad set of windshield wipers in a storm, you get 20% visibility into the activity that your team is doing and not enough to really know what is going on. Tenfold installs a new set of windshield wipers that gives you 100% visibility into your business.

Native integration with all communication platforms

Tenfold provides automatic capture of customer interaction data in real-time with minimal change to end user behaviors as well as the flexibility to add/change systems without hidden costs or service fees.

Use your existing technology investments

Tenfold gives your team the ability to innovate by leveraging current tech stacks and operating within current security requirements. Limited IT resources are required and data is stored back into the core systems of record.

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Increase productivity of customer facing teams

Instant customer identification for better CSAT scores

International Hotels Groups (IHG) saw a 34% increase in their CSAT scores just 90 days after rolling out Tenfold. They also captured meta-data around every customer touch-point across the entire customer journey.

Save time searching multiple systems of record

Tenfold automates menial tasks and reduces handle time with seamless department-to-department hand-off. Improve your employee workflow by having an immediate contextual view of the customer in real-time without having to dig through multiple systems.

Decrease post call wrap-up time

Since using Tenfold, NLC Loans has seen a 136% increase in call volume and a 57% increase in conversion rate. They also have the ability now to automate repetitive workflows into quick entry actions.

Automatic call tracking and logging

Wayfair has had a 212% outbound activity increase since starting with Tenfold and reported that they save on average of 240 hours per day combined across all of their reps from not having to track and log their calls anymore.

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