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The world's leading brands partner with Tenfold to power more than 1.5B interactions annually

Click-to-dial in CRM or from any chrome browser page

Search-to-dial text entry bar

Automatic call logging (no user action needed)

Screen-Pops in CRM for inbound & outbound calls


Support matching/relating calls to standard Objects

Tenfold custom info tab for customized CRM data panel

Create Tenfold Teams for tailored feature configuration

Team-based call analytics

Support for relating calls to custom CRM Objects**


Single-Sign-On (SSO) via ADFS or SAML 2.0

Premium 24x7x365 Support

Tenfold Call Recording**

VoiceLink to call recordings embedded in CRM**

Local Presence Dialing


Search for & Display social profiles for matched record


Easy no-match resolution by search & relate or create

Easy multi-match resolution with select match list in UI

Easy follow up task creation with scheduling module in UI

Click-to-Create new records to streamline workflow

Easily capture call notes in your CRM from Tenfold UI

Call Analytics Dashboard

Everything in Standard and...

Call Dispositions from UI

Notify team-mates in notes using @mention syntax

Automate next steps with Natural Language Processing

Support for advanced agent features in Tenfold UI**

**limited to supported systems only ; contact sales or support to verify your system(s)

Initiate Custom Workflows in Tenfold UI or on call events**

...And much more

3rd-Party Data Integration**

Screen-Pops on IVR data**

Outbound SMS from UI

Tenfold is the Trusted Integration Partner for the World's Most Respected CRM & Communications Providers


Staples automated manual data capture with Tenfold  saving more than 20 hours per month per rep and delivering consistent,  reliable customer engagement data to their leadership team.

LogMeIn came to Tenfold  to increase sales productivity. With Tenfold they saw an increase of 37% in outbound call volume and the data they need to coach their reps.

Wayfair has a large inside sales operation with growth heavily tied to outbound productivity.  With Tenfold they increased connection rates by 30% and fueled significant growth in their B2B business.

T-Mobile had 7 external contact centers handling inbound telesales calls.  Tenfold gives them a 360 degree view and helped increase conversion rates by 70% on inbound calls.

TransAmerica upgraded their CRM experience but saw user adoption challenges based on the change in workflow.  Tenfold simplified sales & service workflows driving adoption and improving CX.

Sixt lacked visibility into their international telesales efforts to effectively manage growth.  Tenfold provided instant visibility across their global business footprint and multiple telephony solutions.

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