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FREE WHITE PAPER: Preparing Your Enterprise for the General Data Protection Regulation

With the stringent privacy regulation going into full effect May of 2018, it’s important to understand what all the requirements are for compliance. The report herein explains who the key GDPR players should be for your business, what the penalties are for non-compliance, and more.

As regulations, particularly in the EU, evolve to account for ever-increasing privacy concerns, it it more important than ever that companies stay on top of what it means to be compliant. Half the battle with compliance is ensuring your organization processes and stores data in a way that’s easy to track, and match to the relevant individual, account, or transaction. How can you protect your customers’ privacy if you cannot find where their data is stored?

In this whitepaper, we explore what the GDPR means, in real terms, for your organization’s data processes. After reading this report, you will have learned:

  • How to identify the key players in your organization for compliance
  • What entities control and supervise compliance, and how
  • What the different ‘categories’ of personal data are, and how to handle each appropriately
  • How to address data breaches, should they occur
  • The implications (i.e. fines, penalties) of non-compliance with the GDPR