Is Your Phone System Obsolete?

The idea of telephones being obsolete seems shocking, but the fact is that many office phones are exactly that. They allow people to call in and out, and may provide for calls to be routed to particular personnel, but that’s it. When compared to what can be done with a phone, such basic capabilities are indeed obsolete. Here are some things that your company phone system should be allowing you to do:

Instantly Provide the Contact History of Each Returning Caller

There was a time when Caller ID was seen as a big boon, but now, it’s only a basic capability. When you use Tenfold, you’ll be instantly presented with the contact history that goes with each number that calls in. This allows you to not only recognize clients and prospects, but pick up your conversations where you left off. Callers will love not having to re-explain everything that they’ve already talked about.

Caller histories can be as extensive as necessary. Tenfold gives your staff the ability to add notes to each record, and since there’s no limit to the space that can be used, there’s no need to leave any important information out.

Send Email Messages While Still on the Phone

Customer service calls often involve sending messages to other people within your organization. With Tenfold, there’s no need to try to remember to send the message after hanging up. You and your staff will be able to dash off an email on the spot, right from the system, and send it to whoever needs to see the message. This eliminates the problem of forgetting to contact the other person and the possibility of forgetting details. Since phone personnel are often distracted by the next call, this capability is extremely important.

Keep Track of Interactions

Prospects and customers use a variety of methods to contact a company. One day they may call, at another time they might email, and at yet another time, they might open a support ticket. Without a way to correlate all of these contacts and their outcomes, chaos results. Tenfold allows your company to keep all of a customer’s contacts in one file so that each channel’s support personnel has access to the complete picture at all times.

Increase Outgoing Call Volume

The mechanical limitations of standard telephones are most apparent when someone does the simple act of calling out. Even modern phones require the user to physically press the digits of the target phone number. This is a problem because it slows the speed at which calls can be made. For companies that rely on cold calling or other mass calling strategies, the end result is a loss of opportunity over time.

Tenfold bypasses the mechanical limitations of phones with its click-to-dial feature. With this feature, the phone numbers embedded in electronic documents are turned into clickable links. Call center personnel need only click the link to activate an outgoing call. This greatly reduces the amount of time lost when going through lists that include numbers that aren’t answered or that are no longer in service. Needless to say, the more numbers that can be called, the higher the amount of connections can actually be made – and the higher the amount of sales that can result.

These are some of the main ways that your office will be helped by bringing in Tenfold. It’s clear that a basic phone system is very obsolete in comparison. Once you upgrade, you’re sure to love all of the benefits and how they result in increased sales and customer satisfaction for your business. Contact us today and see for yourself!


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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

Dan is a Co-Founder of Tenfold and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. Dan oversees the Tenfold sales organization, manages strategic partner relationships and works with key enterprise accounts to ensure their success with the Tenfold platform.

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