Is Your Business Phone Living Up to its Maximum Potential? Phones are so common that it's easy to mistake them for being basic.

Phones are so common that it’s easy to mistake them for being basic. While they may have been simple and limited a few decades ago, the fact is that modern ones can do much more than allow for instant voice communication. When they’re part of a CRM system that includes integrated communications-handling software, they can provide a huge amount of information even before the first word of a conversation is spoken. Here are some things a business phone can do when it is connected to software such as Tenfold:

1. Log calls. Regular phone systems don’t provide any records of calls other than what gets listed on the bill, and that isn’t nearly enough information to be helpful. With Tenfold, you can log who called, who they talked to, and what was discussed. This makes it easy to keep track of ongoing contacts so when the same person calls again, your staff can quickly pick up where the last conversation left off.

2. Make notes right in the system. Paper notes are very easy to lose, and even if they’re filed properly, it takes time to get them out. This causes annoying delays when people call back. Good phone software allows you to make notes within the system and pops these notes up on the screen automatically. The problems of lost notes and paperwork recovery delays are thereby eliminated.

3. Instantly show relevant information about a caller. With old-fashioned phones, the most your staff will be able to immediately learn about callers is their phone numbers. Integrating the phone system with Tenfold, on the other hand, allows the phone number to be correlated with the person’s name, business, prior contacts, and more.

4. Send important information to others in the company on the spot. Many companies deal with calls that require the involvement of other departments. This is typically dealt with by writing out paper notes with the intention of passing them on later. Alas, this sort of information can get lost in the shuffle, resulting in disappointed customers and lost business. Good software makes it possible to write notes in the system and instantly email them to the people who need to see them. This increases efficiency and customer satisfaction.

5. Follow up on leads quickly and efficiently. Leads that are called back within five minutes close nine times better than those that are called later on. Integrating your phones with your CRM makes it easy to attain this fast callback time. With click to dial, which turns the phone numbers in emails into clickable links, you can speed up your call center’s response times even more.

6. Keep track of how many follow-up calls have been made. It can take up to nine or even more follow-ups to close a significant sale. Sales reps, however, often give up after just one or two tries. By keeping track of how many follow-ups have actually been made, you can ensure that your sales department is really giving its all to get those customers.

7. Match customers and prospects with agents they’ve already dealt with. Many people wish that they could talk to the same agent each time they call a company, but most firms don’t have the ability to efficiently route calls to particular people in a call center. Use Tenfold’s call logging ability to find out exactly who to send calls to based on logs of the caller’s prior interactions. This ability is especially good for sales departments since it can increase trust.

These are just some ways our software can upgrade your existing phone system and CRM. Contact us to learn more about how such upgrades can increase sales, help you keep your current customers happy, and make your business more efficient.


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Aki Merced

Aki Merced

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